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GoDaddy VPS: Overpriced, Awful Company, and...Actually Not that Bad for One Specific Use?

Official GoDaddy LogoFor a community that prizes VPSes that cost under $20 per year, the idea of paying $60 per month for a VPS sounds like a crime against nature.  That’s the kind of VPS that GoDaddy offers.

You’ve certainly heard of GoDaddy.  They’re one of the world’s largest registrars.  Besides offering domain services, they also make gut-punch Superbowl ads about families selling their loyal puppy, back privacy-raping censorship bills, deplatforming sites they don’t like, and leaking customer information like a torn cheesecloth.  But other than that, they’re a fine provider.

Plus, they’re expensive.  Are you interested yet?!?

Recently a LowEndTalk member posted a review of their services.  Here are the specs:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 200GB disk (SSD, not NVMe)
  • KVM
  • $60/month
  • No custom ISO
  • Unmetered 10Gbps
  • TOR exit friendly

An interesting mix of specs.  Outrageous resources for modest resources doesn’t surprise me (they’re charging 3x which Vultr charges, for example).  But it’s surprising that they offer 10Gbps unmetered, and are TOR-friendly.

The reviewer was specifically looking to run a TOR exit.  BuyVM is a popular option for such nodes, but there are lots of exits there and the poster was looking to contribute some network diversity.

The summary:

GoDaddy is a good option if you need unmetered bandwidth, can’t get hold of BuyVM stock and don’t mind being treated like a child.


I wouldn’t use GoDaddy for a non-Tor exit service, since there are cheaper options out here.


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