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Greetings from Ottoville, Ohio! Get a Cheap VPS with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH From Microtonix!

Microtonix TechWelcome, Microtonix!

This is their first appearance on LowEndBox but they’ve been in business since 2001.  They’re sharing some nice offers with us today:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • DDoS protection
  • In a datacenter that we’ve never featured before
  • 100Gbps DDoS protection
  • 1GB VPS for only $3.50/month!
  • …and a cheap dedi offer, too!

All this in their own datacenter in Ottoville, Ohio!

Wait, where is Ottoville?!?  Here’s a map but the short answer is “near Chicago”.  As for what that translates in terms of network performance, there’s a test IP below so you can see for yourself.  Also, that explained their setup a bit:
Ottoville, Ohio MapMicrotronix owns and operates our own pure fiber datacenter in Northwest Ohio, we don’t just have racks at a DC, but we own our own DC! We have 25 direct fiber entry lines to our building, and have full fiber OM4 T-o-R infrastructure to minimize bottlenecks throughout the DC! All of our VPS plans have fully unmetered bandwidth at 1Gbps, we have internal IPs available for inner communication free of charge, IPv6 coming soon! All VPS nodes are full SSD, and all our VPS offers have 4 cores by default! Stock is not an issue at Microtronix, we just rack a new server and keep offering space.

Microtonix is active on LowEndTalk as @jfreak53.  They’re an Ohio company and accept PayPal,  Bitcoin, and credit cards.  Check out their TOS and then click on to see all their deals!


Microtronix – Ottoville, Ohio, USA
Test IPv4:


2x Intel Xeon E5-2650 CPU
1x 500GB SSD for main OS
4x 2TB SSDs for VPS’
Dual Hardware RAID1
10Gbps uplink


1024MB RAM
1024MB Swap
4x vCPU
30GB HDD space
Unmetered transfer
1Gbps speed
1x IPv4

2048MB RAM
2048MB Swap
4x vCPU
60GB HDD space
Unmetered transfer
1Gbps speed
1x IPv4

4096MB RAM
4096MB Swap
4x vCPU
90GB HDD space
Unmetered transfer
1Gbps speed
1x IPv4

Dedicated Server Offer

Intel Xeon E5-2420 CPU
1x 1TB hard drives
Software or Hardware RAID
Unmetered transfer
1Gbps uplink (Fiber 10Gbps available)
/29 IPv4
IPMI: no


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