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ProwHost: 13 Locations Around the World to Server You, with VMs Starting at $5.99/Quarter!

Last time ProwHost visited us, they brought some shared hosting offers.  Now they’re back with some tasty VPS products in Virginia, Oregon, Ohio, Singapore, London, Frankfurt , Mumbai, Paris, Seoul, Ireland, Tokyo, Montreal, and Sydney! Get a 512MB Linux VM for $5.99 a quarter ($2/mo) Or 1 GB Linux VM for $8.99 a quarter ($3/mo) […]

ProwHost Offers Shared Hosting Around the World (13 Locations) Starting at 99 Cents/Month!

Hello again, ProwHost!  We last had an offer for them on February 13, 2021.  They’re bringing us some deeply discounted shared hosting offers starting at just 99 cents per month. And I’ll add that you can host in Virginia, USA Oregon, USA Ohio, USA Singapore London, UK Frankfurt, Germany Mumbai, India Paris, France Seoul, South Korea […]

ProwHost: A New Host Offering VPS Services Around the World (From $3.99/mo)

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Welcome, ProwHost! When I first saw this ticket pop up I thought “Prow” was perhaps a foreign word but then I saw the logo and immediately got the connotation.  You know I’m all about cool logos – the ship, the waves in the text…I like it! For those who aren’t nautical, a prow is the […]

PremiumVM – $7.50/6 Months 128MB OpenVZ VPS in Columbus, Ohio

Tags: , , , Date/Time: June 9, 2013 @ 10:12 pm, by Liam

Dominic, from PremiumVM, has sent in a few OpenVZ offers located in Columbus, Ohio. If you submit a ticket after purchase referencing this post, Dominic has informed us that he’ll double your ram for free! LET-128MB 128MB RAM 256MB vSwap 4 vCPU Cores 10GB Diskspace 350GB Bandwidth OpenVZ/SolusVM 1 IPv4 Address $7.50/6mo | Order LET-1GB […]