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HostMantis Bought By Some French Company Nobody's Ever Heard Of

HostMantis Likuid“Likuid.com is pleased to announce the acquisition of HostMantis.com. This new acquisition strengthens Likuid.com’s position as a leader in local web hosting. The integration of HostMantis.com into the larger Likuid.com family promises to enhance the company’s positive impact on the growth of its clients. Likuid.com takes pride in being a local alternative to large multinational web hosting companies.”


It’s hard to tell because when I go to the web site of this Canadian company, it’s in French.  If you switch over to the English version via the language selector at the top, you’re just dumped into their WHMCS.  So I guess they don’t want us to know anything about them

The press release about the acquisition says:

Likuid.com is a leading company in the web hosting industry, providing reliable, high-performance, and secure hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Founded over 15 years ago, Likuid.com is a local alternative to large multinationals, offering exceptional and personalized customer service.

Anyway, they haven’t exactly bought a winner.  HostMantis threw in the towel last June.

likuid.com is hosted on OVH and they don’t own their own ASN, so “leading company”…well…

Pity for HostMantis’s customers if any were left, being passed around like that.  Looking for a new home?  Ask here.



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