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How Providers Can Get Free Advertising and SEO On Low End Box!

Thousands Of People Visit Low End Box Every Day!

Through its advertisements, offers, interviews, and industry news, Low End Box gives readers the cheapest, best, and most current Low End hosting, VPS, and dedicated server offers.

For providers, in addition to paid advertising, providers also can get free advertising and SEO by submitting their offers. Besides submitting offers, it also is possible for providers to be interviewed on Low End Box. Both accepted offer submissions and interviews are prominently featured. And there is no charge to providers for either featured offers or interviews.

Low End Box has been a bastion of the Low End since 2008! Anyone can confirm the Low End Box start date with a simple whois lookup:

bash:~$ whois lowendbox.com
[ . . . ]
Creation Date: 2008-02-01T05:39:38Z
[ . . . ]

That’s fourteen years of serving the Low End Community! Fourteen years of guiding millions of searches for a hosting provider!

As Low End Box owner Jon Biloh recently explained,

  • “LowEndBox traffic has increased 70% year over year as of February 2022.”
  • “The site is getting approximately 770K impressions each month right now.”

Both startup and established hosting providers can benefit from placing themselves in the spotlight provided by those thousands of impressions!

Both Startup And Established Providers Can Submit Offers To Low End Box

As Jon Biloh explained, “Submitting your offer is easy, it only takes a few minutes: https://lowendbox.com/submit-an-offer/”

The Submit An Offer page clarifies every detail: Low End price ranges (recently increased); how often to submit (once per month); and other requirements (clear offer terms, website, domain registration).

The Submit An Offer page has links to templates for VPS and VPN offers.

If you want to see recently published LEB offers, just head over to Low End Box, put “offer” in the search box, and click.

Both Startup And Established Providers Can Request Interviews On Low End Box

Obviously a Low End Box interview is a great way to reach a large audience over an extended period of time. Plus there is all the SEO benefit. Our readers want to get to know our featured providers and their companies! To see some sample Interviews, please click the Interviews link. To request a Low End Box interview, please visit the Low End Box Helpdesk and file a ticket.

How Startup Providers Can Benefit From Low End Box

If you are starting up as a provider, please do submit your offers. Low End Box is delighted to feature them! As a startup provider, you are especially encouraged to file a ticket requesting a Low End Box interview. Tell our readers in your interview how they can benefit from your company’s fine services!

Startup And Established Providers Can Purchase Advertising

Both startup and established providers can purchase display advertising on Low End Box and on Low End Talk. Here on Low End Box, just click the Advertise on LowEndBox.com link which appears in the footer of every page. There also is an Advertise link in the footer of every Low End Talk page.

Best Wishes!

Low End Box sends best wishes to all our readers and all our providers. May all our readers find the cheap hosting, VPS, or dedi of their dreams! May all our providers sales increase forever!


  1. Marc Flagg:

    Wow… this new theme for LEB is just, something else. The previous format was so much more informative and readable.

    This new layout will definitely increase your page views, but I suspect it will actually decrease the value to the readers. Now they will have to open each post to see even the most basic information about each post. It’s a huge increase in the amount of effort needed to read the site. The photos occupy 50% of each post on the main page. It looks like a photo gallery blog instead of a site for webmasters and technology experts.

    Plus the “Related posts” now take up a much larger amount of screen real estate that you have to scroll past to find out if there are any comments on the article. Previously you could tell if there were comments or not just from the main page. Plain links are fine.

    In short, this new layout is pretty ugly, less functional, requires more effort from visitors, and conveys less information up front. Please consider rolling it back to the previous theme.

    July 10, 2022 @ 3:48 am | Reply
    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I know change can be startling.

      We are going to continue make improvements to make sure its perfect.

      July 10, 2022 @ 10:28 am | Reply
      • Marc,

        Just to let you know we made a number of improvements to the design today post launch and will continue to make enhancements over the next few days. Right now we have a to-do list of about 20 items that will be all taken care of very soon.

        I hope you’ll share more feedback with us in about a week.

        July 10, 2022 @ 8:10 pm | Reply
  2. Thanks for sharing about how to get free advertising and SEO for low end box. I was looking for such a great guide. Can you please share your thoughts about local SEO?

    July 10, 2022 @ 5:54 am | Reply

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