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How to Setup a Highly Available Wordpress Site From Scratch: Two Years Later, It Still Works!

LET TutorialsI’ve been working on making my LowEnd empire of cheap VPS systems more reliable and better-managed.  This has ranged from keeping better track of config info to automating with Ansible to using high availability.

Tonight I was working on a couple MySQL-based web sites and remember a tutorial series I did a little over two years ago entitled “How to Setup a Highly Available WordPress Site From Scratch”.

This six-parter walks through setting up two VPS systems, configuring MariaDB and replication, using DRBD and OCFS2 for filesystem replication, and tying it all off with round-robin DNS.

And it still works!  Just configured DRBD tonight on a pair of Hetzner Cloud systems using their volume storage.  Here’s a couple tips if you’re working with Hetzner Cloud.

First, setup and use private networking for replication to get better speed.

Second, the volume is presented as something like /dev/sdb.  Do the following:

1. unmount it.  It’ll be mounted as /mnt/something

2. comment it out in /etc/fstab

2. nuke it:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1000000 count=10

Make a new primary partition:

gparted /dev/sdb
mklabel gpt
mkpart primary ext2 1MiB 100%

…and you should be good to go.   You can just use /dev/sdb in your r0.res.




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