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Hudson Valley Host - $4.95 256MB OpenVZ VPS in Dallas, Scranton, New York, Orlando & Lithuania

Ernie, from Hudson Valley Host, recently got in touch to submit a birthday offer, as the company has recently celebrated 9 years of being in business. Happy Birthday Hudson Valley Host!

Unmanaged Starter VPS

Hudson Valley Host have been featured many times since September 2010. They were most recently listed in November 2012 when they were offering a 55% discount. On that thread they received several reviews which were positive and recommended them. The coupon LEBBDAY enables you to 45% off all of their unmanaged VPS services. We are told that the sale will expire on the 2/28 or whenever stock runs out. I can only count on one hand the number of LowEndBox hosts who have been in business for 9 or more years. I think it speaks volumes and is only testament to HVH – Happy Birthday! IF you’re a customer we would like to see your comments and benchmarks below!

Hudson Valley Host accept PayPal, Google Checkout and Credit Cards. Adult content is allowed but Torrents are not allowed. IRC is also but only in 2 of their locations: Scranton, PA and Lithuania. As usual, if you would like to find out more information or view their Terms of Service or Acceptable Usage Policy, click here.

Network Information:

Dallas, TX: |
New York: |
Scranton, PA: |
Orlando, FL: |
Lithuania: |


  1. pub crawler:

    Yet another provider on Colocrossing’s network. At least they are diversified in other locations.

    February 6, 2013 @ 6:41 pm
  2. Mark:

    Any particular advantage of hosting in Lithuania? Do they have any specific laws that are beneficial to hosting?

    I’ve not got anything dodgy to host, just curious about the more obscure hosting locations.

    February 6, 2013 @ 7:01 pm
    • rm:

      Not being one of the myriad of random OpenVZ hosts in Germany or NL, for one.

      February 6, 2013 @ 7:46 pm
  3. pub crawler:

    Not sure if it applies to you as a foreign national @Mark:

    Lithuanian firm LAWIN Lideika, Petrauskas, Valiūnas ir partneriai reports that recent amendments to Lithuania’s Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and the Law on Electronic Communications have established a breach notification requirement. Specifically, providers of publicly-available electronic communications services or of public communications networks must notify the data protection authority of data security breaches, and, when the breach is likely to have an adverse effect on the privacy of affected individuals, the data controller also may be required to notify those individuals.

    I am not aware of any advantage in this country with regard to the popular issues (speech, piracy, etc.).

    February 6, 2013 @ 7:06 pm
    • Mark:

      So I could end up wanted in Lithuania if I had one of these!

      February 6, 2013 @ 9:14 pm
  4. netadmin:

    IPv6 available in Scranton PA or Lithuania ?

    February 6, 2013 @ 8:34 pm
  5. Hi,

    I work with Ernie (Hudson CEO) for long time (as customer, client), and i can say all the best about support and people working for him. We have our Linux developer site with them (BackBox Linux) and no downtime for now.

    If you are looking for stable VPS and best support, go for Hudson.

    Cheers !

    February 7, 2013 @ 2:22 am
  6. Shawn H.:

    Been with HVH for a few months now and they can’t be beat! Great performance, support and uptime. small, pro shop.

    February 18, 2013 @ 5:38 am
  7. Last speed test, just great. New York VPS :

    root@serv:~# ./speed.py –simple
    Ping: 43.074 ms
    Download: 254.06 Mbit/s
    Upload: 53.96 Mbit/s

    Keep good work.

    April 8, 2013 @ 4:22 pm
  8. Kerry:

    Buyer beware. I purchased the other offer, and they terminated my account just as I was doing the initial install tasks (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, moving data from another vps, etc).

    They accused me of initiating a DDOS targeting my new VPS.

    Seriously? Who buys a VPS, starts migrating their own websites, then launches a DDOS on themselves?

    Don’t buy this unless you want the VPS yanked out from under you based on somebody’s poor troubleshooting of some unrelated issue.

    Also, they promised to refund me, and haven’t done so yet.

    May 3, 2013 @ 1:19 am

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