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IBM Axing 7,800 Jobs and Replacing Them with AI

AI Dictator

Midjourney prompt: “dark dystopian propaganda poster for an artificial intelligence overlord”

Since the start of the generative AI tidal wave (ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc.), there have been people preaching doom and gloom about how AI is going to steal everyone’s jobs.  ChatGPT is going to replace all programmers, lawyers, and authors, and Midjourney and its ilk will replace all graphic designers and YouTube creators.

Usually after someone comments like that, there’s another comment a few minutes later about how people are looking at this all wrong and the whole generative AI thing is going to be more like “Clippy 2.0” where you get some assistance writing your resume but it’s not going to take anyone’s job.  Or maybe it will a little on the really lower tier work like transcribing audio recordings or doing first pass analysis of insurance claims but any fears of true impact to working people is going to be very limited, if any.


IBM just announced they’re pausing hiring for jobs that could be replaced with AI and expect to replace 7,800 jobs over the next five years.  This includes roles in human resources as well as other “back office”, non-customer-facing jobs.  One example given was “clerical work like generating employment verification letters or moving employees between departments”.

About 26,000 IBM jobs fall under this category. “I could easily see 30% of that getting replaced by AI and automation over a five-year period,” Krishna explained. This would result in cutting about 7,800 positions.

I wouldn’t like to have a job in the other 70%.

Midjourney Prompt: “dark dystopian propaganda poster for an artificial intelligence dictator”


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