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Introducing Community Offers

Community Offers
Why do you look at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk offers?

It isn’t just because we have the most incredible deals.  Okay, yes, that’s a lot of the reason.  But another reason is that the offers we post are from people who have a connection to our community.  They’re typically small hosts who advertise on our sites and participate on our forums.  In other words, you trust our community as a filter in the massive hosting market.

You can use Google to find cheap prices.  That’s never been an issue.  But how do you know if RandomHost is a fly-by-night scam artist who’ll take your money and run off to Paraguay?  If you buy from a host on LEB or LET, you know

  • There’s been some validation of the host.  That doesn’t mean that hosts who post on our forum don’t occasionally go bust (or even flame out spectacularly) but when it happens, the community is active in reporting it ASAP, warning others, and helping others clean up.  We require hosts to supply info about their businesses before we post offers.
  • If a host is problematic, the community very vocal.  And they’re not shy.
  • There are reviews and actual end user opinions available.  Just search our forums or here on LEB to find raw, unfiltered commentary.  Or if you don’t see your question answered, open a thread on LET to ask!

The power of our community is that we know our hosts and you’re not buying someone who’s just another site on the Internet.  You’re dealing with someone who all know and we’ll tell you all about ’em if you ask.

Going forward,

  • Offers with the Community Offers sticker are from our community hosts.  Community hosts are hosts who either (a) have a LowEndTalk account, and we’ll post a link to it, or (b) support LET/LEB financially through advertising.
  • Other offers will still appear.  If a provider doesn’t participate on LowEndTalk or advertise with us, no sweat, they can still post offers and sometimes we go out
  • More LowEndTalk offers on LowEndBox.  We want to give our providers as wide a voice as possible, so we’ll be doing more cross-posting of LowEndTalk offers on LowEndBox going forward.

We hope our new Community Offers program will continue rewarding and uniting our amazing providers and our valued community members!


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  1. Feedback does matter for small hosts like us and LET has been a great platform in recognition of our brand.

    January 29, 2022 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

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