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KUBBUR Explodes, New Owners Pledge Same Suicidal Pricing (PS: Anyone else offering Arctic Colocation?)

Kubbur on FireBack in May, we noted that KUBBUR had a popular offer on LowEndTalk that had quickly run out of stock, but that more stock might be coming.

Continuing to follow developments, we gave an update in June that more stock might be coming in July.  Worth noting that the “unmetered 10Gbps for $3.50/month” promise  was likely a key factor in stimulating sales.

Well, there have been developments.

Less than 24 hours ago, LowEndTalk member @jordynegan11 shared some screenshots from the KUBBUR discord.  They show states from KUBBUR management stating that their network is offline because they own Path $10,000 owing to some expected investment falling through.

Others have commented that the company’s assets have been split up like wolves sharing a carcass – some data to one guy, another guy getting a server, etc.  Now someone named Kjartan is responding (on the @LeiferGunnarsson rep account), taking pains to disclaim any involvement with previous owners and stating that another hosting company (Northlayer) is completely separate.  (Northlayer has supposedly been in robust operation for three months, but most of the links on the site are dead.  I am interested in that Arctic Colocation offering, though).

And finally, it’s been announced that Kuxo has “reached an agreement with Leifur and Kjartan to take over the business operations of KUBBUR”.

So first…who?  You know, Kuxo.  The owners are on the young side.  In 2021 they began “building the Kuxo brand and announcing the end of 413,” which apparently was their previous brand.  Some of their timeline is the usual marketing puffery but I gather they built a nice interface for dedi users (alas, no screenshots).  If I’m skeptical, this all could just be fancy talk for a custom WHMCS template.  They do have pictures of their offices, which are spots in two WeWorks and a business office in Suffolk.

But here’s the thing that immediately jumped out to me from the announcement:

Furthermore, on a on-going basis, billing will be charged at a lower price than what KUBBUR has been charging, Kuxo will charge 3.50GBP per GB of ram, as opposed to 5 euro. VMs will remain with a 10G link, completely unmetered, and server specifications will not be downgraded in the foreseeable future.

So we’ve learned nothing.

It’s odd that Kuxo just coincidentally happens to be selling dirt-cheap VMs with unmetered 10Gbps for 3.50GBP on their web site to the general public.  These prices are not some special legacy offer, so…?  I mean, if KUBBUR Couldn’t make it work at €5/month, how will you make it work at an equivalent of €4/month?

Stay tuned.




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