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LowEndGaming: A Different Walkabout Mini Golf Tier List From raindog308's Daughter

LucyA couple weeks ago, I shared my personal tier list of core and DLC courses on the smash VR hit Walkabout Mini Golf.. As I wrote then,

It’s miniature golf powered by all the possibilities of virtual reality.  If you thought Holey Moley was creative, that’s nothing compared to Walkabout.  Play golf on a space station, in an evil villain’s lair, in Shangri-La, underwater in Atlantis, and many other cool places, with new DLC courses coming out regularly.

My 14-year-old daughter Lucy read the article and didn’t quite agree with how I tiered them out.  I told her I’d give her a spot to contribute her own list, so here’s a different view of the world of WMG.

Now that you’ve got two golf maniacs’ views, what do you think?  Anything we got egregiously wrong?  How would you break it down?  Let us know in the comments below!

— raindog308

S Tier

Quixote ValleyQuixote Valley: This truly is my favorite course. I instantly fell in love with the view and the setting. It introduced new mechanics like wind, and plays into the common theme of windmills,  allowing you to use them to your advantage. There is a nice mix of hard and easy holes, making it a good course for all levels of expertise. Nothing beats the feeling of winning and then celebrating with sheep on a mountain. (raindog308 rank: same)



AtlantisAtlantis: This course has some of the best game mechanics, in my opinion. Each hole presents a new challenge while also offering several opportunities to get a hole in one. I personally have always been interested in Greek mythology so seeing that world come to life is incredible. Being underwater adds a new level to the golf course. And who doesn’t love riding on turtles after sinking a put into a stone Poseidon’s eye? (raindog308 rank: same)



Shangri-LaShangri-La: I have often found myself wanting to play this course with its calm atmosphere and beautiful lights (especially in the night hard mode). The sand mechanic used makes you think about the force in which you want to hit your ball. I’m particularly fond of the architecture in this course. Somehow I always end up drooling over the jam cookies in the kitchen, knowing I will never be able to eat them. *sigh*. (raindog308 rank: same)



Widows WalkaboutWidows Walkabout: I love the horror aspect of it. The little details from the floating tea to the connection between a bell, a lighthouse, and a mysterious painting really made this course for me. Not to mention the freakish children dolls that appear next to you while you golf. I’ve made a habit of naming all the ghosts in the house and often blame them if I miss a shot. After all, they did sic a pack of spiders on me at the attic hole. (raindog308 rank: B)



Walkabout Mini Golf Ice LairIce Lair: This is the newest course and it is easter egg central! This snowy base is filled with puffins each doing some different maniacal task. From freezing each other, planning global cooling, and having a sushi bar, these birds have really got it covered. This course also introduces ice to the green making your ball speed up, but be careful not to get too frozen! (raindog308 rank: was not released at the time of my article but I agree this is definitely S-tier!)



A Tier


Arizona ModernArizona Modern: I like the complex shots you have to make of off walls and other objects. The theme for this one is nice, but the holes can feel a bit repetitive after a while. Overall an amazing course and it has the best hole 18. (raindog308 rank: S)




AlfheimAlfheim: Those darn elves sure know how to make a beautiful course. The architecture was incredible and it made for some angled shots. If you play your cards right, you could walk out the game with a couple holes in ones and maybe some eagles. (raindog308 rank: S)




Meow WolfMeow Wolf: I love the challenge each hole presents. Although I was a little terrified of putting into the giant worm and the glowing, rainbow sloth at first, this course quickly grew on me. I found myself laughing at every hole, the first time I played it. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but overall it is one of the best. (raindog308 rank: much lower! D tier)



20000 Leagues20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Dodging a squid and putting is now a sport that I am very good at. Wrapped around this submarine course, you’ll find a giant squid, but try not to land your ball in its mouth on hole 18. This course is overall amazing, even if the holes can feel a bit repetitive after a while. I love the music and the feeling of traveling under water. (raindog308 rank: same)



Seagull StacksSeagull Stacks: I love the Scottish castle theme! It really feels like you are on tall cliffs over the water. The only problem I have with this course is the random bounces the ball can sometimes take. This makes it hard to have a strategy, but I love the course nonetheless. (raindog308 rank: D)



B Tier


Tourist TrapTourist Trap: The classic. The pirate theme and music add a lot to this course, but it can feel a little basic compared to the other more advanced courses. It’s definitely a fun one to come back to when you want an easier course, but not one I’d play too often.  (raindog308 rank: same)




MystMyst: We recently bought this course so it hasn’t made that big of an impression on me. I do enjoy the puzzle mechanics and the setting. I’ve never played Myst so I didn’t really connect with the course in the way that those who have played it would. Overall, it proved a fun challenge and an interesting play through. (raindog308 rank: same)



Gardens of BablyonGardens of Babylon: The setting for this one is the best part! I really enjoyed the garden aspect and the lush greenery. I’m not a big fan of all the angle aspects that go into the course, but it can be a fun challenge from time to time. (raindog308 rank: A)




Temple of ZerzuraTemple of Zerzura: The desert! From flying off into the sand dunes to sitting atop the throne of Egypt, there is so much to do. There are so many references to this time period that really tie the whole thing together and add that extra bit of detail. The only drawback to this course is the hole can start to feel a little repetitive.  (raindog308 rank: S)



JourneyJourney to the Center of the Earth: The view at the end of this course is breathtaking. By far one of the best. I love the crystal room and the flashlight mechanics on hard mode. I never really connected with the movie, which would be a reason this course was ranked lower. (raindog308 rank: A)




Original GothicOriginal Gothic: Ah, Christmas and Halloween all in one- at least on the hard mode. This is a dark course that isn’t quite as haunting as Widow’s Walkabout, but still provides a dreary, grim setting. I love the rain effect and the contrast of the red carpet for the holes. The music enhances the unique experience even though the holes can be a bit repetitive. 



Tethys StationTethys Station: This course definitely feels like you are in space. The holes can be rather difficult, but it is a nice challenge for experienced players. There are some fun holes like putting around a loop-de-loop or trying to get the ball into different patches of the green (or I guess purple in this case). And of course you have to take a victory lap around Saturn or Neptune!



C Tier

El DoradoEl Dorado: This is definitely one of the hardest courses. It is incredibly difficult to get below par and if you have, I commend you. This course requires a lot of strategy and timing. I’ve never been a fan of timing holes, which is another drawback. The redeeming quality is the lush setting. And of course the crushed conquistador skeletons trying to steal treasure. (raindog308 rank: A)



Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom: This course is a mix of Tourist Trap and Shangri-la. The course mechanics feel a little overused and similar to many of the early courses. The scenery is pretty and does add to the experience, but again, the art style is very similar to Tourist Trap. It’s fun to play every once in a while, but it’s not really my style. (raindog308 rank: D)




Around the WorldAround the World In 80 Days: In this course we are taken to the top of the Eiffel Tower, several hundred feet above the ground, and expected to golf. I definitely would not recommend this course to those afraid of heights, but if you enjoy Paris, you will love this course. I personally don’t like the mechanics used for this course and all the angel based shots. I enjoy the easter eggs and flying around with the different floating objects- especially the skeleton at the top. (raindog308 rank: D)



SweetopiaSweetopia: I enjoy this course to some extent when I feel like golfing in a gummy bear’s stomach.  It can be a little overwhelming from time to time, but is fun when you just want to escape to a candy world. The course is rather tough and took me several tries to complete it with par. (raindog308 rank: C)




Bogey's BonanzaBogey’s Bonanza: I like the story behind this course on hard mode. The setting isn’t really my style, but I do enjoy the different holes. There are some very tricky shots, making this a good challenge. The bar has to be one of the best buildings in this course with the shattered ceiling and turned over furniture, but is there a wanted poster of us on the wall? Hmmm…. (raindog308 rank: D)



D Tier


Laser LairLaser Lair: This is by far the most frustrating course. The lasers instantly slice your ball in half even on the slightest impact. My patience was definitely tested, but the setting of the course was incredible. I liked the fact that they included a jet ski and often find myself riding in it, pretending to be a super villain. Not a big fan of the gameplay, but I liked the setting.  (raindog308 rank: S)



Upside TownUpside Town: The setting deserves more credit than the course. I personally don’t enjoy the sideways and upside down mechanics. I understand that this could appeal to many people, but I am not one of them. I do enjoy exploring the mini golf museum and chasing pigeons to my heart content, though. Overall, not my thing, but I would like the course if it wasn’t upside down. The city setting is incredible.  (raindog308 rank: same)


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