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Need a Cheap, Cheap Nvidia GPU Rental? Here are the Cheapest GPU Rental Spots!

Nvidia H100It’s 2024 and everyone’s going ga-ga for AI.  And to really do AI right, you need GPUs.  Ideally, an entire datacenter full of them and a fleet of PhDs to go along with the gear, but let’s keep with the DIY ethos here.

A good GPU card can set you back close to $2,000, plus the system around it to run.  Now if you’re really doing a project in this space, you’re stuffing Nvidia gear into cases but what if you’re a hobbyist or just working on a short-term project?

You rent a GPU.

Problem is, they’re frightfully expensive.

Here’s a few places where you can look to find cheaper prices.  And keep it reasonable…there’s no $5/month Kimsufi in the GPU space.

These sites work by matching together providers and consumers in an open marketplace.  Let’s try them.  I’l say I want a system with 80GB of VRAM, like an A100.

Tensordock: I found a server in Prague for $1.64/hour that includes the A100 PCIE, 2 AMD Epyc 7513 vCPUs, 16GB of RAM, 200GB NVMe.  That’s pretty cheap for an A100.

RunPod: A PCIE A100 here is about $1.89/hour.  This interface is less granular than Tensordock’s.  You’re essentially picking the GPU without a lot of options for sizing everything else.

Vast: Here a PCIE A100 is as cheap as $1.35/hour.  That’s in Oklahoma.

Do you have any markets you go to when you’re looking for cheap GPUs?  Please share in the comments below!


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