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PulsedMedia: A 7-Year Review

PulsedMediaRecently we were talking about seedbox providers on LowEndTalk.  My go-to for several years has been PulsedMedia.

Looking back, I’ve had a total of 5 seedboxes, going back as far as 2017:

  • Two Dragon Mushu 2.0
  • A Corona M1000
  • A Value 1000M
  • An M10 SSD 455

The last two I still have.  The first three were canceled at different points, either because I was trying different providers or upgrading within PM.

First, let’s keep in mind that there are tons of seedbox providers that haven’t been around for 7 years!

In a nutshell, PM has been great.  Excellent network speeds, both for fetching torrents and for transferring files home.  I believe there is an overall bandwidth cap, because I notice that when I am seeding hard and doing a lot of transfer the bandwidth available to transfer home is less than if my torrents are idle.

The setup is competent and is based on rtorrent/rutorrent.  I just use the seedbox features, but I think some plans have more options.

One nice thing about PM is that your disk space grows over time.  My 6TB Value 1000M is now an 8TB plan.

Some other providers I’ve tried over the years:

justseed.it: Innovative design and setup, but went belly-up

RapidSeedbox: Enjoyed my time with them, but very expensive for what you get.

Ultraseedbox/Ultra.cc: some people like them but I was there during their rough patch when they blew up several times and everything had to restored/reprovisioned and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Throughout all of this, PulsedMedia has been rock solid.  As I wrote on LowEndTalk, they’re in a very tough business:

Not only do you have your disks being hammered 24×7, but each VPS or server is opening up a billion connections to random hosts. And there’s probably tons of DMCAs or equivalents, plus a lot of your customers are yokels who have no idea what they’re doing but want teh fr33 p0rn!!!1!

You might enjoy reading our interview with Aleksi, their founder.

So who is your go-to for seedbox services?  Let us know in the comments below!


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