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Sullivan's Hosting: Cheap VPS and Dedicated Server Offers in Phoenix and Kansas City

Hello again, Sullivan’s Hosting!

We had them on about a year ago. They don’t run specials very often, but when they do, they always give us an exclusive code, and this time is no exception!  They’ve got deals on cheap VPS and cheap dedicated servers in Kansas City and Phoenix.   I’ll let them tell you about it:

In continuation of our commitment to offering exceptional value, we are thrilled to reintroduce exclusive discounts for the esteemed LowEndBox community. We’re bringing you not just one, but two distinct options to cater to your unique needs. Our focus remains on ensuring that your hosting experience is both economical and dependable. Hence, we’re pleased to present the following discounts that are applicable to all VPS/Dedicated Servers listed on our website:

VPS Discounts:

  • 75% Off First Month (USE CODE: LEBVPSFIRST): Experience our VPS services at an unbeatable rate for the first month, allowing you to test our capabilities without breaking the bank.
  • 25% Off Recurring (USE CODE: LEBVPSRECURRING): Our commitment extends beyond just the initial month – enjoy a recurring discount that applies as long as you’re with us.

The recurring discount above harmoniously complements our existing tiered pricing structure, allowing you to optimize your savings:

  • 10% Off Quarterly Billing: Embrace flexibility while saving on your quarterly billing cycle.
  • 15% Off Semi-Annual Billing: Commit to a slightly longer term and reap even greater benefits.
  • 20% Off Annual Billing: For the ultimate savings, opt for our annual billing plan.

Dedicated Server Discounts:

  • 15% Off First Month (USE CODE: LEBDEDIFIRST): Discover the power of our dedicated servers with a special discounted rate for the first month.
  • 10% Off Recurring (USE CODE: LEBDEDIRECURRING): As you continue to enjoy our dedicated hosting solutions, a lasting discount will be applied to your recurring payments.

At Sullivan’s Hosting, our dedication to providing top-notch services paired with enticing discounts is unwavering. We’re excited to have the opportunity to serve the LowEndBox community once again and assist you in your hosting journey. Whether it’s VPS or dedicated servers, we’re here to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Since our establishment in 2019, Sullivan’s Hosting has achieved remarkable growth and exceeded its initial goals by a significant margin. Continual innovation has been a hallmark of our journey, with a focus on enhancing service efficiency. One of our proudest achievements is maintaining a commitment to customer satisfaction by avoiding overselling and consistently prioritizing our clients. Our dedicated customer service team stands out as a top-tier support resource, available 24/7/365 for all customer needs.

Significant developments since our previous interactions on LowEndBox include migrating from SolusVM to SolusVM 2.0. This transition has brought forth a new, user-friendly dashboard that offers enhanced functionality. Through this migration, we’ve expanded our range of available operating systems and introduced one-click application installations. Moreover, we’ve embraced IPv6 support and will soon be providing IPv6 addresses across all our services. Responding to diverse customer requirements, we’ve introduced a range of VPS tiers. This includes a premium line of OpenVZ VPS, as well as high-capacity VPS options designed to effortlessly handle a wide array of tasks. Furthermore, in our ceaseless pursuit of growth, we’re delighted to unveil our latest endeavor. Presenting our migration to a state-of-the-art datacenter nestled in the vibrant landscape of Phoenix, AZ. The horizon of possibilities has broadened as we’ve already commenced provisioning Dedicated Servers from this location. And, with the horizon glimmering with promise, we’re charting a course to introduce VPS offerings by the mid to late stages of 2024.

Awesome!  Thanks for stopping by, guys – the community appreciates it!

You can find Sullivsan’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on their web site.  They accept Credit/Debit, PayPal, ACH Payments, and crypto.  Any questions?  Open a ticket, comment below, or ping @SullivansHosting on LowEndTalk.

Now read on for datacenter info, host node specs, and all the details on their offers!

Datacenter Info

DediOutlet – North Kansas City, MO, USA
DediOutlet – Phoenix, AZ, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2606:d640:10::2

Test files:


Looking Glass: http://lg.sullivanshosting.com/

Host Node Information

2x Intel Xeon E5-2667 @2.9GHz CPU or better
8x 2TB HDDs or 8x2TB SSDs
Hardware RAID10
1Gbps redundant uplink

Budget-Friendly OpenVZ VPS Offers

0.5GB Swap
1x vCPU
40GB SSD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
1x IPv4
SolusVM 2.0 Control Panel
$1.00/first month (price after first-month discount) (LEBVPSFIRST)
$3.00/month (price after recurring discount) (LEBVPSRECURRING)

Newly Released Premium OpenVZ VPS

1GB Swap
2x vCPU
60GB SSD Storage
2TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
2x IPv4
SolusVM 2.0 Control Panel
$1.50/first month (price after first-month discount) (LEBVPSFIRST)
$4.50/month (price after recurring discount) (LEBVPSRECURRING)

Budget-Friendly KVM VPS

1x vCPU
40GB HDD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
SolusVM 2.0 Control Panel
$1.75/first month (price after first-month discount) (LEBVPSFIRST)
$5.24/month (price after recurring discount) (LEBVPSRECURRING)

Newly Released High-Capacity VPS

2x vCPU
200GB SSD Storage
5TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
4x IPv4
SolusVM 2.0 Control Panel
$12.50/first month (price after first-month discount) (LEBVPSFIRST)
$37.50/month (price after recurring discount) (LEBVPSRECURRING)

North Kansas City, MO Dedicated Servers

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v3
24C / 48T
100TB Bandwidth
10Gbps Uplink
1x IPv4
$81/first month (price after first-month discount)
$85.50/month (price after recurring discount)

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v3
16C / 32T
100TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
1x IPv4
$54/first month (price after first-month discount)
$57/month (price after recurring discount)

Phoenix, AZ Dedicated Servers

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
20C / 40T
100TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
1x IPv4
$81/first month (price after first-month discount)
$85.50/month (price after recurring discount)

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640v2
16C / 32T
100TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink
1x IPv4
$40.50/first month (price after first-month discount)
$42.74/month (price after recurring discount)



  1. lwf:

    This is a scam.

    Ordered a server days ago and still at a pending status.

    Noone will reply to the support ticket I’ve opened.

    All I want is my credit card off the sullivan site, but I can not get anyone to reply to me.


    December 16, 2023 @ 9:57 am | Reply
  2. Update:

    My server was deployed today.

    Looks like it was partially my fault as well…

    This is from Sullivan’s Hosting:

    “We apologize for the inconvenience. The reason due to the delay in activation of your service was due to a FQDN not being provided at the time of order.

    We added a “.com” to the end of the domain name entered, and reprocessed the order.”

    I’d like to apologize to Sullivan’s Hosting and the LowEndBox community for jumping to conclusions in thinking this was a Scam.

    December 21, 2023 @ 12:05 am | Reply
  3. lwf:


    I’d still stay away from this host.

    Sullivan’s Hosting did finally deploy the server I payed for, a week or so later after me paying for it…

    But the server they deployed for me doesn’t work.

    I can not ssh into the server to install my server configuration.

    Root password that I was sent doesn’t work… and the ‘Reset Root Password’ button/link in the client area and Solus VM 2.0 sends me a new Root Password…

    But the new Root Password(s) never work.

    The guy (Tyler Sullivan) never responds to open tickets.

    This has been a nightmare to say the least…

    All I really want now is for my Credit Card to be released from the Sullivan’s Hosting Website…

    As everything stands now, more money will be deducted from my Credit Card in January 2024…

    How is a buisness allowed to do this to the public?

    This is a Scam like I stated before.

    December 22, 2023 @ 7:53 pm | Reply
  4. David Forrest:

    Sullivan Hosting has been down for over a day now. My server on their site doesn’t respond to ssh. Their web site times out. Support phone number mail box full. Test files above time out.

    Anyone have any news about this?

    March 3, 2024 @ 8:13 pm | Reply
    • David Forrest:

      All indications to me are that Sullivan has had a reversal of fortune. Tyler Sullivan contacted me on 4-Mar-24 after my complaint to the Data center provider for Sullivan.


      “Hello David,

      I apologize for the late response and inconvenience you have experienced. Your service seems to be online and is able to be pinged through our internal network.

      Could you please verify you are experiencing an issue?

      If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach back out!

      Best Regards,

      Tyler Sullivan
      Sullivan’s Hosting LLC

      Ticket ID: #916080
      Subject: My site not responding to ssh. All buttons on your site that lets me manage my vps are “not available”.
      Status: Answered


      My site was back on line and working for a day then the VPS site was down again. the VPS IP address has not responded to a ping for over a week now.

      Sullivan’s web site appears to still offer services for sale but I have not been able to get a response to my followup support request ticket. The button to restart the VPS is still saying “Restarting” after I clicked it days ago. The button on the Sullivan site did allow me to cancel my service which I have done today.

      March 14, 2024 @ 1:03 am | Reply

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