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The AlexHost Interview: Excellent Service and Great Prices From a Secret Bunker in Moldova!

AlexHostAlexHost has been active in our community since 2012.  That’s a long time!  Only about 18 months after LowEndTalk was founded, AlexHost jumped in.

We’re overdue for an interview with this interesting provider, who is based in Chsinau, the capital of Moldova, a small European country sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine.

Let’s learn a bit more about AlexHost!

And after you dig in, be sure to check out their latest offer, which includes a special discount for their Bulgaria launch!

Question: Who are you and where in the world are you located?

Answer: My name is Constantin Croitor, I am 32 years old and I am proud of what I have already achieved in my life. I live in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, in the heart of Eastern Europe. This city is only a few tens of kilometers away from Ukraine, where there is currently fighting, which inevitably affects our business, but more about that later.

My work is my hobby! I am so passionate about it that I have almost no time for anything else. After graduating from the Institute of Information Technologies of the Republic of Moldova, I worked for many years in the field of state cybersecurity and information technologies. This experience was invaluable to me and I am very grateful for everything it gave me.

For more than six years I have been working at AlexHost hosting company. I started with setting up the infrastructure, but thanks to my skills I quickly moved on to business management. Working as a business manager is very close to my heart: it involves a lot of communication with people, setting tasks for the team and accomplishing them together. This is the most enjoyable part of my job, and I enjoy every moment of it!


Sometimes the heavy workload at work creates a lot of thoughts in my head and to distract myself, I have to resort to my hobbies. Most of the time I try to spend as much time as possible with my family, because that is the most important thing for me. But despite my busy schedule, I still find time for my hobbies – motorsports, cycling and shooting at the range. These activities help me to relax, recover, let go of problems or, on the contrary, find solutions to them. But of course, nothing can compare to warm moments spent with loved ones. When I come home tired after work and see my daughter’s smile, I realize that there is nothing more beautiful in the world. Family will always come first for me.

What attracts me to my job?

First of all, it’s the opportunity to interact with different people, solve complex problems and see the fruits of my efforts. Running a business involves many aspects, and every day brings new opportunities for growth and development. Working at AlexHost, I feel that I am in my place, and this brings me great satisfaction and joy.

Work-life balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is never easy, especially when work is your hobby. I try to make the most of my time and always find opportunities for family and hobbies.

Plans for the future

I strive to continuously develop and improve my skills. In the future, I plan to continue working on projects that will benefit our company and clients. I want to deepen my knowledge in business management and cybersecurity, as well as work on new innovative solutions that will help AlexHost remain a leader in its field.

We have big plans for the future. This year we plan to open about six new locations around the world and launch new services such as Ryzen VPS and Storage VPS. These services will allow us to offer our customers more powerful and reliable solutions.

In addition, we have ambitious plans for the next five years. We intend to completely switch to renewable energy sources for the operation of our data center. This remains a bit of a secret for now, but we are happy to share this information with your editorial team. We have about 1,500 square meters of unused space on the roof of our data center, which we plan to use to install a renewable energy system. At the moment we are developing a plan for this project, looking for a contractor to do the work, selecting solar panel models and calculating the project’s payback. We expect that within 4-5 years the investment will pay for itself. This is a big and serious project that will give us the opportunity to get one step closer to our client and not leave a carbon footprint.

We are always fighting for the environment and always thinking about the footprint that will be left behind in the future.

The plans are big, the plans are grand! I hope we succeed and in the next interview we will tell you about our achievements!

Question: Guys, you live in Moldova. I hear life there is a little… tense. What is life like there?

Answer: We are in Moldova, in Eastern Europe, just a few dozen kilometers away from Ukraine, where the fighting is going on right now. Of course, this situation affects business, as many people are afraid to invest in the region. However, we are relatively calm here, and life in Moldova now is not much different from life in any other European country.

At the beginning of the conflict, there were concerns about power cuts, as much of it came from Ukraine. But now the Moldovan government has agreed to supply electricity from Romania, so there should be no problems with electricity. Our data center is located in a former Soviet bomb shelter at a depth of about 5 meters underground, so we are not afraid of even missile attacks. We believe that it will not come to that and hope for a positive resolution to the conflict in Ukraine, wishing them all the best.

Most of our team is based in Moldova, but we also have employees in Ukraine, Russia and Portugal. We have a multinational team of specialists, which helps us to cope with any challenges.

Question: So why did you get into hosting?

Answer: Our company started its journey back in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 that we got serious about hosting. Because of this, there is sometimes confusion among our customers, because both of these dates are important to us. We found a great location for our own data center and took it very seriously. Today, almost 16 years later, we are still working in thisbuilding that I have already told you about. At our current rate of growth and with the ability to expand in this building, we will have enough of this space for another 5 years and then we will most likely have to look for a new location.

Our data center is located in Chisinau, at 3 Constantin Brincus Street. You are always welcome to visit us, we will be happy to treat you with delicious coffee and give you an interesting tour around our center.

Everything started with one enthusiast, Alexander Scutaru, who is still responsible for the development and infrastructure of the company. In 2022, we attracted significant investment and a new partner, Alexander Gosudarev, who is responsible for development, sales and marketing. Together they make a common cause and manage it admirably.

Thanks to the investment, we were able to make many improvements to our data center. We installed a new ARKEN ARK-S 360 N5 generator, new equipment for cooling the center, new UPS units and much more. All our equipment meets international standards and is modern and technologically advanced. If you want to know more, we wrote about it on our website.

Question: What makes AlexHost different from many other web hosts on the market? Why choose AlexHost?

Answer: AlexHost is not just a hosting provider. We strive to offer confidential hosting for freedom of speech and privacy. We adhere to neutrality and do not judge people for their views, no matter what they are. Our goal is to protect everyone’s right to express themselves and respect different positions and opinions.

We pay special attention to confidentiality.

Another advantage we have is a team of experts ready to help 24/7. Even on weekends and holidays, we always have specialists on duty to help solve any issues and difficulties.

It is also important that we offer competitive prices. We monitor pricing and try not to inflate prices. Some services we provide are almost at a loss to ourselves, because we believe that they just have to have them. Our loyalty and customer care always comes first.

Question: I see that you accept a lot of different cryptocurrencies. How do you deal with the sometimes drastic price fluctuations of these currencies?

Answer: Yes, we accept many cryptocurrencies, including Monero (XMR). We understand that today’s customers want convenient and diverse payment methods, so we offer all possible options for their comfort. Not only that, customers want anonymity, so we can’t avoid cryptocurrency payments.

To cope with fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies, we usually convert them into stable coins immediately. This allows us to minimize the risks associated with the volatility of the crypto market.

All of our cryptocurrency transactions take place through official and legal channels. Our registered company in England helps us to ensure maximum transparency and legalization of all processes. We strive to make our clients feel confident and relaxed when choosing a convenient payment method.

Question: On your website, you describe your data center as “located 5 meters underground in a secure bomb shelter in a former military factory.” Wow! Tell us more about that.

Answer: Yes, it’s true! Our data center is located in a unique place – a former Soviet chip factory. In Soviet times, every factory had to be able to quickly retrain to produce military equipment, so many of them could start producing weapons and ammunition in a matter of days.

Our factory, where we are now located, produced microchips for missile equipment. Today this large building is used for commercial purposes: there are cinemas, entertainment complexes. Although the spirit of the Soviet factory is long gone, the structure of the building remains the same.

In 2008 we managed to buy a part of this building, and our data center is located 5 meters underground. We equipped it with a clean air supply system, ventilation and cooling, repaired and reconstructed communications. Now it is a modern data center that provides high reliability and security for our customers. We are proud that we were able to turn an old bomb shelter into such a technologically advanced and important space.

Check out their datacenter:

Question: You have recently started offering services in Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria?

Answer: Yes, we have indeed recently launched our services in Bulgaria and this has already been announced on LowEndTalk. Why Bulgaria? Firstly, it’s a great country to live in, where freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution. Of course, times change, but right now it is one of the best places in Europe for privacy.

BTW their latest offer includes a special discount for their Bulgaria launch!

We chose Bulgaria because it offers good solutions for those looking for alternative locations in Europe. It has a great network and great prices, making it an ideal choice for privacy and VPN services.

Bulgaria is situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, providing relatively low latency and faster connections to users from both regions. This allows AlexHost to serve clients in Asia with better performance compared to VPS located deep in Western Europe or North America.

Before opening a new location, we always do in-depth research. I like to study what each country has to offer and how it differs from others. This helps us make informed decisions.

Apart from Bulgaria, we have locations in Sweden and the Netherlands. We try to choose the most interesting and strategically important locations. Right now we have two more new locations under discussion, which we plan to launch by the end of the summer. But for now, let’s keep it a little secret so that you have a reason to follow our news!

Question: Are there any new data center locations on the horizon?

Answer: Yes, we are working on it. Our plans for the next five years include opening new locations throughout Europe and on other continents. But we don’t just want to expand for the sake of quantity. Our goal is to provide high quality.

It’s easy to open a new location, but making it really high quality is what takes effort. It is important that our data centers are in the right places, with good ping and excellent services. That’s what we’re working on now, so that each of our locations meets the highest standards.

Question: How do you find talent in this very competitive market? What do you look for in an AlexHost team member?

Answer: Finding talent in a competitive market is not an easy task. For me, knowledge and experience are equally important, although I realize that experience doesn’t always tell you everything about a person. We give new people a chance to work with us, because sometimes passion and desire to learn are more important than years of experience. Of course, it depends on the specific position – some require serious skills and knowledge. In such cases, we can’t afford to reduce the quality of support.

What do I look for in Alexhost team members? High knowledge and experience – this is certainly important. Language also plays a role, but it is not the deciding factor. There are guys in our team who had no experience, but had a great desire to learn and develop. And they succeeded!

So, if you have the desire, you can achieve anything. I am proud of my team and I am ready to fight for each of my employees, because their passion and hard work make our company what it is.

Question: Who is a typical AlexHost customer?

Answer: It’s not easy to divulge data about our customers, but I can tell you that most of our customers are people who value free speech, privacy, and censorship-resistant websites. We are not interested in exactly what clients are doing on their servers, as long as they are not breaking the rules. We are not a legal body or the police and it is not our job to investigate without reason. We follow local laws where our servers are located and carefully analyze requests before making decisions.

Our clients include well-known companies and organizations from around the world, but we have not asked their permission to disclose this information, so we strictly adhere to our stated anonymity.

If I have to describe our clients, I would say that they can be characterized by George Orwell’s quote: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
I may be wrong, but it gives an idea of what values are important to our customers.

Question: What’s next for AlexHost?

Answer: I believe that Alexhost will become an even more stable company in the next few years. We are already stable, but there is always room for growth and improvement. I am confident that we can do more, and the whole Alexhost team is ready to work hard to reach new heights. We are committed to growth and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver, but we always try to do our best.

Alexhost continues to grow and strengthen in the market. We have many more opportunities today than we did a few years ago, and we stand out among our competitors because of our approach and values. In the near future, we plan to grow our staff, expand our geographic presence and become more recognizable in different parts of the world.

What will definitely remain the same is our dedication to our work and commitment to ensuring the anonymity of our clients. We continue to focus on providing reliable and secure services, and will strive to make each of our clients feel safe and secure.

Now let’s take another look at their datacenter!

AlexHost Datacenter

AlexHost Datacenter

AlexHost Datacenter

AlexHost Datacenter

AlexHost Datacenter

Hope you enjoyed this interview.  Now pop over to their latest offer thread!


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