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The LowEndBox Review Project: We've Been Called Out

Indiana JonesI’d like to quote a post from @Mumbly, a LowEndTalk reader:

“Every time I opened LEB decade ago I found introductions of some new low end VPS providers….When LEA started this community he didn’t rely on hosts to send him offers. He actually explored.  Explore. Make LEB great again.”

This is true.  LowEndBox was originally owned by a guy who went LEAdmin.  It was a true “blog” in those days – a sort of “mad scientist’s journal”.  LEAdmin would venture forth and find cheap VPSes, try them out, and write about it.

That was 10+ years ago, and much has changed.  If you go back 10-15 years ago, most VPS systems were more in the $20/month range for meager resources. It took work to find a reliable provider charging under $7/month.  Today all you have to do is throw your dartboard at Google (or various lawless forums) to find a host.

Also, today both LEB and LET have structured processes in place for providers to submit offers, and naturally we like to feature those hosts.  That’s not going to change, because these are providers who are interacting with our community daily.

However, @Mumbly raises a good point and something I’ve been thinking about.  I think mixing in some LEAdmin exploration with our regular stream would be entertaining and might bring new hosts to our community.

To that end, I’m working on a review checklist.  Just signing up and running YABS is not going to cut it.  I’m looking to put the provider through it’s paces and have a structured test-out that I run through.

Look for more on this very soon!  In the mean time, please add any suggestions to the LET thread where we are discussing this project.



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