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v6Node: VMs start at 4.5€ /year in Germany!

v6NodeIPv6 is here.  In fact, it’s been here since 1995, but anyway.

For the LowEnd community, its growing adoption offers opportunities for lower costs as it potentially frees providers from the rising costs of IPv4 IPs.  If those are costing a provider $1-2 a month (or more), that sets a hard floor on how much the provider can charge.  Remove that cost, and capitalist forces drive us to cheaper VMs.

That’s the theory.  In the meantime, there are still a ton of IPv4 users.

But if you can live with an IPv6 VM, you might be interested in the latest offer from v6Node on LowEndTalk.  VMs start at 4.5€ /year!  That’s for 512MB and you can do a lot with a 512MB VM.

* Custom-developed and easy-to-use management interface
* Outgoing IPv4 still reachable thanks to preconfigured NAT64/DNS64 nameserver
* Integrated Reverse Proxy with automated SSL setup
* Pure ZFS SSD/ NVMe storage with Raid 1/ 10
* Dedicated /64 IPv6 subnet
* PTR/ rDNS is possible, just create a ticket
* Debian 11 / Ubuntu 22.04 / Alma Linux available based on minimal cloud images
* 2TB Traffic per Month (more should be no problem, just pop in a ticket)
* Hosted at Hetzner, Germany
* VNC is possible but not automated yet, just create a ticket

It’s a nice offer which you can find here.


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