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WARNING: PikaPods are Addictive!

PikaPodsI’ve been wanting to give PikaPods a spin ever since we interviewed their founder.  The one-sentence summary of PikaPods is: packaged apps on individual containers and you pay by the app.

I wanted to give Monica a spin.  It’s a “personal CRM” where you can track relationships.  You can sign up for the project’s hosting but it’s $9/month.  It’s not difficult to setup and host yourself, but wants PHP 8 and I’m lazy.  And I wanted to try PikaPods.  And I’m lazy.

Monica App

What I hadn’t counted on was the addictive nature of PikaPods!  Just go to their available apps and browse.  I discovered several apps I’d never heard of and they’re all just a click away.

The way PikaPods work is that they spin up the container and then provide a unique URL to you, like some-random-phrase.pikapod.net.  If you wish, you can then alias this to something on your own custom domain (i.e., a CNAME record pointing from monica.example.com to some-random-phrase.pikapod.net).  This is optional and you do not need your own domain to make use of PikaPods.  Since ultimately it’s going to end up as a browser bookmark anyway, I haven’t bothered.

Monica Pod

You can dial up resources as you need them, so if you’re running a forum (such as Flarum) or a blog (Ghost, Haven), database (NocoDB, Baserow), etc. you can scale things up as work and users grow.

And of course, there is one app that everyone in the community needs:




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