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Was Crunchbits Serious About Their raindog308 Sale?!? We Hope So!

The world’s greatest Internet forum – LowEndTalk – runs on Vanilla and we use the Thankful People plugin.

The plugin allows people to click “thanks” for posts, which is then displayed after the post, like this:

It’s akin to “liking” a post on social media.  The totals are kept for each user and…well, that and $1/month will get you a VM.  It’s just a pat on the back.

Recently I noticed I’d crested the 20,000 “thanks” tier.  I looked to see the top ten:

| Name         | ReceivedThankCount |
| jar          |              28672 |
| Nekki        |              26216 |
| raindog308   |              20076 |
| FAT32        |              17130 |
| Francisco    |              14474 |
| AnthonySmith |              14445 |
| deank        |              11765 |
| VirMach      |              10864 |
| Amitz        |              10736 |
| DP           |              10018 |

Some of these names are probably quite familiar to you.  @jar is of course Jarland Donnell, proprietor of MXroute (interview).  Nekki is on of our most famous (infamous?) moderators.  FAT32 is one of the current admins.  Franciso owns community favorite BuyVM.  Amitz is a former moderator (interview), and DP is one of our current admins.

So I’m in pretty rarified company!  I am humbled.

Once I posted the stats, @JoeMerit suggested providers should have a sale to celebrate.  Crunchbits said:

We’re in. Coming soon, coupon code: RAINDOG for .308% OFF!

Were they serious?  Frankly their usual prices are so low that squeezing even .308% off would be miraculous, but they did speak rather confidently…

Let’s keep an eye on Crunchbits!


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