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BLACK FRIDAY: Reprise Hosting Offers Dedi Servers Starting at $25.97/month!

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Reprise Hosting is here and is making a big statement this Black Friday: Get a 16GB L5640 6-core dedi with 1TB of disk and 20TB of transfer, including IPMI, for only $25.97/month! Or a 32GB with dual E5-2650L v2 10-core CPUs (same disk and transfer) for only $38.96/month! Wow!  Thanks Reprise Hosting for the incredible deal! […]

BLACK FRIDAY: QuadraNet’s Incredible Buy 3, Get 1 Free Dedi Offer is Here! (from $45/mo)

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Do you need some serious horsepower?  Then check out QuadraNet’s awesome Black Friday offer: Pick one of the dedis below (for example, an e3 with 16GB of RAM/1TB disk/20TB bandwidth) Buy 3…GET ONE FREE! And there’s no setup fee. We’re literally talking about a free dedi server here, folks!  Black Friday! Their WHOIS is public. […]

BLACK FRIDAY: ServerMania’s Powerful Dedis are On Sale!

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We aim for a diversity of deals here on LEB – everything from the tinyest OpenVZ to the mightiest dedi.  ServerMania is definitely on the upper end of that scale, offering powerful dedi systems that are fully configured to roar on the Internet. These offers include: Quad- or hexacore e3 Xeon processors 32GB of RAM Dual […]

BLACK FRIDAY: The DediPath Offer is Here! (1GB VMs from $1.23/mo, E3 Dedi Servers from $39/mo!)

You’ve been waiting for the the DediPath Black Friday offer and here it is! OpenVZ VMs starting at $1.23/mo for a 1GB system! KVMs starting at only $2.28/mo! Dedi servers with 16GB of RAM and 2TB of bandwidth for only $39/mo! 👍 DediPath is one of our community advertisers and we thank them for their support! […]

BLACK FRIDAY: ReliableSite Dedi Servers Starting at $39/mo (for an e3 with 32GB RAM + SSD + HDD)!

ReliableSite contacted us to offer our readers some great deals on dedicated servers. How great? How about: Intel Xeon E3 1230 | 32 GB RAM | 64GB SSD + 2TB HDD | $39/m Intel Core i7 7700K | 64GB RAM | 2 x 512GB SSD | $75/mo Intel Xeon E3 1240 V6 | 64 GB […]

SntHostings: 2xE5 64GB Dedi w/1TB SSD + 10TB Bandwidth Starting at $79.99/month!

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SnTHostings first gave us an offer back on August 12, 2021 and now they’ve returned with big, beefy dedi for super cheap: Dual Xeon E5-2670 64GB RAM 1TB SSD 10TB Bandwidth …$79.99/month if paid annual, otherwise $84/month They are registered in India. Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept Credit […]

Win a Nintendo Switch in ReliableSite’s November 2021 Black Friday Warmup Giveaway!

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ReliableSite is hosting a Black Friday Warmup Giveaway this month! Now through November 24, enter to win one of: Two (2) Nintendo Switches! Two (2) $500 ReliableSite Account Credits! Give (5) $100 ReliableSite Account Credits! No purchase necessary…and lots of ways to enter! This time we’ve got 11 different ways for you to enter.  From YouTube to […]

🎃 Happy Halloween from DediPath: VPS from $1.75/mo, Plus Dedi Offers! 🎃

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It’s time to celebrate Halloween with some great DediPath offers! Get a VPS for $1.75/mo! Big, juicy 4GB VPSes for less than $7/mo! Dedi servers starting at $39/mo! Service is available in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Phoeniz, and San Jose. We last had an offer from DediPath on September 6, […]

GT Host has Hot Deals on Dedicated Servers in 15 Locations!

Are you looking for a cheap dedicated server in Ashburn?  Or  Atlanta?  Or Chicago?  Or for that matter, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Santa Clara, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Frankfurt, or London? If so, GT Host has you covered with some great pricing on dedicated servers: Get an E3-1260Lv5, 16GB DDR4, 480GB SSD, […]

Sullivan’s Hosting: Cheap VPS, Shared, and Dedicated Hosting in Kansas City, MO! (1GB VPS for $3/Month!)

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Welcome, Sullivan’s Hosting! This is their first offer with us and they’re coming with some great pricing on cheap VPS and cheap shared hosting for our readers. Get a 1GB KVM VPS with 1TB of bandwidth for $3.00/mo! In fact, their pricing is $3/GB across the board, with bandwidth and CPU to scale with it! […]

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