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UMaxHosting – 3GB RAM KVM VPS with 5TB Bandwidth in Los Angeles, CA for $39/year & more! (FREE MONTH)

John from UMaxHosting is back with a flash sale for the community. They are offering KVM VPS’s in Los Angeles starting at just $39/year. As always with any KVM VPS plan, you will be able to run ServerPilot, Docker, custom kernels, Kubernetes and install Custom OS’s because of the flexibility that KVM virtualization offers! Here’s […]

UMaxHosting – 4GB VPS with 100GB Storage for $29/yr + KVM Offer in Los Angeles! (FREE MONTH)

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John from UMaxHosting is back with an exclusive deal for the community. This time, their offers are based out of their Los Angeles datacenter location. Exclusive for LEB readers, they are providing us with a 4GB OpenVZ or KVM VPS plan starting at just $29/year. For the advanced users who opt for the KVM VPS plan, […]

[NEW YEARS] UMaxHosting – 8GB VPS with 250GB Storage for $59/yr & more in Los Angeles and New York! (FREE MONTH)

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To launch off 2019, John from UMaxHosting recently sent in the following New Year’s offers. They are offering a decent amount of storage with these offers, and the following offers are available in either Los Angeles or New York datacenters. UMaxHosting has been featured on LowEndBox in the past with positive feedback, and is one of […]

[BLACK FRIDAY] UMaxHosting – 1GB RAM VPS for $7/year & more in Los Angeles and New York!

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John from UMaxHosting sent over an offer that he says is their best offer in history, in spirit of Black Friday. They are offering BF deals on both OpenVZ and KVM VPS’s. UMaxHosting has been featured in the past on LowEndBox, and has received positive feedback on its past offers. We’ve been told that limited quantities […]

UMaxHosting – Free Month Bonus! 12GB RAM OpenVZ instance @ $69/yr & more in Los Angeles and NY!

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John from UMaxHosting is back with another set of awesome deals for the LowEndBox community. They are offering some beefy OpenVZ packages based out of Los Angeles and New York! Please let us know of any questions/comments/concerns you may have below and enjoy! Here’s what they had to say: “UMaxHosting is a hosting provider that specializes […]

UMaxHosting – 1GB Windows VPS from $3.50/month in Los Angeles & more!

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John from UMaxHosting is back with even more beautiful specials for the LowEndBox community. They are now offering Windows VPS’s after witnessing increased requests from users for this! In addition to this, for those who want a Linux based VPS, they are offering specials on OpenVZ out of their West Coast datacenter location (Los Angeles). Please […]