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Visual Web Technologies: Free Drama Plus Cheap cPanel Hosting Starting at $8.37/Year! Cheap DirectAdmin from $3.90/Year!

Visual Web Technologies contacted us to present another offer from them.  We hesitated. The history here is that back in early April, @Not_Oles said he’d been talking with @rajat on LowEndTalk and was considering including him in a host rep roundup and maybe doing an interview.  I remember VWT from several Black Friday megathreads, and […]

BLACK FRIDAY: VisualWebTechnologies is Here! (Shared Hosting from $2.91/Year!)

Shared hosting in Singapore for $2.91/YEAR.  Do I really need to say anything more?  Black Friday, baby! Yes, it’s the VisualWebTechnologies offer you’ve been waiting for.  In 2020, they roared onto our LET MegaThread, hanging out for days and dropping amazing offers of every shape.  Looks like they’re back in the game for 2021! Shared hosting […]

🇸🇬 Happy Diwali From VisualWebTechnologies as They Move into Singapore! 🇸🇬

We saw VisualWebTechnologies most recently back in August.  They’ve returned with cheap shared hosting offers for their new expansion in Singapore! Congrats to VWT on the growth!  Their services in Singapore start at only $5.81/year.  That’s crazy cheap pricing! VisualWebTechnologies‘ WHOIS is public. They are registered in India (0879L1ZN). Their Terms of Service is available […]