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AlmaLinux Announces ELevate Project: Migrate/Upgrade Between Any RHEL-based Distro!

Alma Linux LogoAlmaLinux announced today the ELevate Project, which is their initiative to allow users to upgrade or migrate between any RHEL- based distro.  Using this technology, currently you can easily move between CentOS 7.x and any of these distros:

  • AlmaLinux 8.x
  • CentOS Stream 8
  • Oracle Linux 8.x
  • Rocky Linux 8.x

“Until today, it simply wasn’t possible to dream of migrations like these and that need has become very acute for CentOS users,” said Jack Aboutboul, community manager for AlmaLinux.

What he’s referring to is CentOS’s change from being downstream of RHEL (and essentially an exact copy of it) to being an upstream dev playground with no guarantee of RHEL compatibility.

Jack Aboutboul continued: “This is a cause the whole community can get behind. We’re often asked if there are any plans for collaboration between the various downstream projects and this is a great example of something that everyone, AlmaLinux, Oracle and Rocky communities can contribute to. We’re working with upstream on the tooling while creating a PES that is free and open to all for this reason. Oracle was very gracious to contribute a nice chunk of the metadata set and our hope is that the Rocky community and developers will be receptive as well.”

The ELevate code is released under the Apache 2.0 License.  You can learn more at the AlmaLinux Elevate site.


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