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Australian Police Will Soon Have Sweeping New Surveillance Powers

Australlia AFPAustralian law enforcement will soon be able to takeover accounts and impersonate their owners, “disrupt data” by modifying it.  Three new warrant powers are granted Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) in the Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill which has been approved by both the Australian House and Senate.

These new warrant powers include:

  1. Data disruption
  2. Expansion of targeted devices to include all devices a suspect uses or might use
  3. Account takeovers

“In effect, this Bill would allow spy agencies to modify, copy, or delete your data with a data disruption warrant; collect intelligence on your online activities with a network activity warrant; also they can take over your social media and other online accounts and profiles with an account takeover warrant,” said Lidia Thorpe, head of the the Australian Green Party, which opposed the bill.

These powers will allow the AFP or ACIC to takeover a social media or other account and impersonate the user, as well as to undertake actions that disrupt online activity, plant false data, update existing data, etc.




  1. Susan:

    Wow, I am very surprised Australian citizens are standing for this. Worked with some Australian blokes way back in my military years and they were pretty vocal:)

    August 26, 2021 @ 12:30 pm | Reply
  2. If a person does not have the ablity to enact Natural Law/Natural Rights/Universal Human Rights, such as

    * Freedom of Speech + Expression
    * Freedom of Movement
    * Freedom of Assoication
    * Freedom of Self Defense
    * Freedom of Knowledge/Truth/Infomation

    Are we actually FREE ?

    * Australia does not have a Bill of Rights

    * Australia does not have Freedom of Speech , or Freedom of Self Defense

    * Australian Goverment is not ruled by White Australians Or White Nationslists,
    its lead by poeple that Hate Freedom, Hate White Species, Hate Australia
    and hate its own tax cattle Citizens

    * In 1991 Agenda 21 2020-2030 was signed by 170 Nations “Goverment” in secret behind closed doors
    for the formation of a single WORLD GOVERMENT lead by the Choosen Parasite

    Does National Federal Goverment actually ‘represent’

    1. Native Ethnic Citizens , Working Class, Farmers, Straight Ethnic Males, Merit, Hard Work, Economy, Success, Captialism


    2. Does “Demoracy” actually ‘represent’
    * World Central Banks
    * Multi National Corporations
    * NGO/WHO/UN/G20/NATO,etc
    * Agenda 21 , NWO/World Goverment, Various signed treaty/agrements in backdoor closed meetings


    Does “Demoracy’ hold everyone and every group to the same standard, same punishment, same sentacing


    does certain groups get a leg over, extra advantages and crimes hidden from sight on purpose

    Has anyone in the system or power rejected :-

    * International Egalitarianism (Equal Outcome/Equal Results via State Force)
    * Anti Male
    * Anti Patriarchy
    * Anti Nationalism
    * Anti Captialism
    * International Free Shipping Trade
    * Taxation, GST, Income Tax, Goverment mandated barriers of running our life, economy, business,etc
    * Federal Reserve, Central banks, Usery, Fait Currency, Overseas ‘aid’ , Debt based Economy
    * Agenda 21
    * Multi National Corporations

    Is Taxation THEIF
    Is Abortion Mass Murder aka Ethnic Genocide
    Is Mass Migration population replacement

    Why are White Species and various White Races
    held to a different standard compared to Asians, Blacks, Arabs,etc ?

    Why is Society with No State/No Federal Goverment so demonised for generations and decades in the controlled mass media/films/radio/etc

    All this words ISM’s and Fobias are created to crush any
    * Open Debate
    * Critical Thinking
    * Rejection of the Current State demands/objectives
    * Refusal of Free Speech uncensored disussion

    From 1981 to 2031 it was always going in this direction
    signed away by our ‘goverment leaders’ in secrety
    claiming its in our interest for :-
    Satefy / Security / Protection


    August 26, 2021 @ 10:03 pm | Reply
    • Susan:

      I never knew. Very interesting to say the least…

      August 26, 2021 @ 10:46 pm | Reply
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