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BoomerHost: Shared Hosting for $7/Year in Norway with Many Extras!

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BoomerHost is back! We last had an offer for them on July 27, 2021.  This time they’ve got a feature-filled shared hosting offer for you:

  • 10GB of disk
  • 1TB bandwidth over a 10Gbps link
  • Unlimited domains, databases, etc.
  • ApisCP
  • MailChannels to ensure your mail is delivered
  • …for only $7/year!

That’s a pretty cool deal. Besides the rock-bottom price you’re getting some nice trimmings and you’re on solid hardware (see below).

BoomerHost is registered in USA. Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept credit cards.

Here’s a little about BoomerHost in their own words:

We have been around for many years and we’re now more than 2 year old. Why choose us? It’s quite simple. The boomer always (thinks he) knows the most and is the smartest. Get yourself a boomer host and you can feel good that at the other end there’s always a monster drinking support specialist ready to share his boomery knowledge with you!

If you decide to give BoomerHost a try, please tell others how it goes in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offers!

ApisCP Hosting
Shared Hossting

  • ApisCP Hosting
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • 1000GB bandwdith @ 10 Gbps
  • Mailchannels
  • 3GB ram
  • 100% CPU
  • 100 MB/s IO
  • 5024 IOPS
  • $7/year
  • [ORDER]


  • Terranode, Norway
  • Test IPv4:


  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2x 500GB NVMe SSDs
  • 10Gbps uplink
Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!


  1. David (Boom):

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re just as excited to see another Boomer Host offer as I am! If you don’t already know, I am David, member of DFDB LLC. Last offer we had multiple questions regarding the SMTP, and mailing being disabled on our VPS hosting. So this time around we’ve decided to offer web hosting with MailChannels for all your mailing needs. I hope you enjoy our offer, and I will be here to answer any questions you may have.

    October 26, 2021 @ 1:01 am | Reply
  2. Fulan:

    Be very careful. they will block your account if you activate SMTP or mailing services.

    October 26, 2021 @ 1:50 am | Reply
    • David (Boom):

      I am aware that we do block all SMTP or mailing ports on our VPS packages at the network firewall level, and from the feedback from our last offer we saw that many really wanted to use mailing – that’s why we now decided to offer shared hosting with MailChannels. With This shared hosting plan all mailing ports are unblocked.

      It might be a language barrier but we have never blocked anyones account, or suspended it for that matter if they tried mailing on their VPS. It simply would not work since the port is blocked – that’s it.

      October 26, 2021 @ 2:57 pm | Reply
  3. hey guys, the status page is not working: https://status.boomer.host/

    October 26, 2021 @ 9:28 am | Reply
    • David (Boom):

      Many thanks. I moved boomer.host to this shared hosting package and it seems the cname for hetrixtools just didn’t quite follow along. It should work fine now

      October 26, 2021 @ 2:52 pm | Reply
  4. Susan:

    Not sure what to make of this statement:

    “We have been around for many years and we’re now more than 2 year old.”

    Must admit does not make me comfortable.

    But, I bit the hook and placed my order. Please do not make me regret it and come back here:)

    Thanks for the excellent deal.

    October 26, 2021 @ 6:11 pm | Reply
  5. Susan:

    Above reads: $7/year

    In the DFDB LLC user panel it reads:

    Renewal 10/26/2022 1 Year $25.80

    So is this recurring discount or not?

    October 26, 2021 @ 6:32 pm | Reply
    • David (Boom):

      It’s fixed, yes it’s a recurring discount. I’m not sure if you noticed but I responded to your ticket exactly 1 minute after you created it :)

      October 26, 2021 @ 6:42 pm | Reply
      • Susan:

        Yes sir David, that was fast reply!

        October 26, 2021 @ 7:04 pm | Reply
  6. Max Sing:

    User will be enjoying Backend servers is served via Apache or litespeed?

    October 27, 2021 @ 2:31 am | Reply
    • David (Boom):

      It’s Apache, but give it a try! I don’t know how they did it, it might be because of the PageSpeed module but in my tests this Apache was on pair than litespeed.

      I know that Cpanels apache is horrible, and that has made you think that Apache itself is horrible. That is simply not true.

      I moved a pretty heavy wordpress site yesterday away from cpanel Apache to here and the DOM load, load went from 1.38 respectively 3 seconds to 400ms, 600ms.

      I’m pretty amazed with the results myself!

      October 27, 2021 @ 8:45 am | Reply
  7. Is it enough? 10GB for disk. JohnDBlend

    November 1, 2021 @ 3:38 am | Reply
    • it can be enough for some sites… dude, check out the price and shhhhhh

      November 1, 2021 @ 2:18 pm | Reply
    • David:

      How much storage would you like it to be?

      November 2, 2021 @ 4:05 am | Reply
  8. Richochet Binan:

    server is dead. no spport

    November 4, 2021 @ 10:24 pm | Reply
  9. royboy:

    no paypal ):
    Plz integrate paypal & UPIpay via payssion.com or cashfree.com(*recommended) & crypto via Coinbase.

    November 5, 2021 @ 4:00 am | Reply
    • David:

      No, never will I add PayPal again. I will add crypto payments sometime in the future but I don’t know when. I am waiting for a cryptocurrency to finish their “marketplace” integration so I can start integrating it with the website. It would be a privacy coin and it would be sent direct to boomerhost wallet, no middle man like crypto is suppost to be.

      I think it’s 1 year left until there’s crypto support

      November 6, 2021 @ 2:34 am | Reply
      • royboy:

        ok! any chance of integrating UPI :)

        Hey just for the conformation, will stripe accept DEBIT Card payment??? @boomer.host

        Thanks 4 the reply & Sorry For above Mini Questions :)

        November 6, 2021 @ 3:46 am | Reply
        • David:

          Yep, Stripe will accept any card :)

          UPIpay is not possible either. Right now I only got Stripe checkout, it also support Alipay though!

          November 6, 2021 @ 4:52 am | Reply
          • royboy:

            Thanks! David

            Grabbing One Slot Soon!

            November 6, 2021 @ 5:02 am | Reply
  10. Sophie:

    Dmca ignored?

    December 3, 2021 @ 4:38 am | Reply
    • David:

      No. It’s in Norway, and hosted by Terranode. If we get court order requesting take down it will get taken down.

      December 8, 2021 @ 5:46 pm | Reply
  11. Salem:

    Curious about host reliability , I’m doing web developing and I send link to client to see it,
    I don’t want to get embarrassed with offline page as some providers do, Pleas anyone one tried this service are it reliable or not.

    June 8, 2022 @ 4:14 am | Reply
  12. The vps on boomer is not working now, is it possible to get an effective solution, can’t manage the vps online and login on


    July 26, 2022 @ 6:11 am | Reply

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