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BRB: IncogNET is Not Currently Accepting New Orders. Here is Why.

IncogNETCommunity provider IncogNET recently announced they are temporarily pausing new signups.


To keep service levels high.  In their own words:

Why would a business not want more and more customers? Well, the truth is, we’re struggling to provide support for those we already have. It seems selfish to onboard new customers every day while we’re already overworked and distracted from working on internal projects and living life. Once we’re caught up with things, we’ll open up orders again. We don’t need new clients to cover operational costs; existing clients keep the lights on just fine.

Community reaction to this announcement has been very positive.  Some comments:

This is commendable, and TBH, more hosting providers should take a lesson from this when they feel like they are getting stretched too thin. Thanks, @MannDude

I gotta respect you for that, I’ve seen so many companies keep taking on customers that they can’t support and everyone suffers. Its good to see your priorities are with your customers, and not necessarily with their dollars

Better to be transparent about it than to keep taking new customers and let the good support suffer.

I’ve been running some stuff out of their Coeur d’Alene, Idaho datacenter and have been very pleased with my service.  Glad to see that IncogNET is taking steps to make sure they’re prosperous for the long haul instead of just chasing every possible dollar.

And just to be clear, this is a temporary pause:



  1. We’ll likely re-open orders later this week or early next.

    Just trying to get caught up on stuff.

    Going to post an article when we re-open orders, as well? :)


    June 6, 2023 @ 2:41 pm | Reply

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