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Celebrate Millenial Falcon Deals with MLNL.HOST! And Yes, They Made Me Misspell It


Readers who’ve been with us for a bit will remember MLNL.HOST.  Not only do they have cheap VPS systems but also whimsical branding and fun offers.  Who can forget these gems?

Now they’ve introduced a new line of VPSs in Lithuania, which is growing into a Baltic tech center.  So this is not really an exotic location per se – and certainly won’t be in a few more years.

Now, on another subject, is it just me or has Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) grow to be come Star Wars Month?  The cultural power of that movie franchise is amazing.  To celebrate Star Wars – and get in on some of the marketing buzz (I mean, c’mon) – MLNL.HOST is theming this offer as their Millenial Falcon Deal.

Why do they misspell Millenial?  This is answered in the FAQ they helpfully provide.


Q: Do you accept imperial credits as payment?
A: We only accept New Republic Credits and Calamari Flan. We may also consider Beskar Steel

Q: How fast are the Millenial Falcon VPS?
A: We’ve done the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs!

Q: Do you have any Destroyer Drone or Similar Protection?
A: We are not affiliated with the Hut protection racket.

Q: Do you offer hosting plans for both the light side and the dark side?
A: Absolutely! We have plans for Jedi masters and Sith lords alike. Choose wisely, though, as the dark side tends to come with cookies… and force lightning.

Q: What kind of server would you recommend for a Wookiee?
A: Ones with a lot of bandwidth… You don’t want to see a Wookiee experiencing lag rage.

Q: Are your servers resistant to Jedi mind tricks?
A: Our servers are built with the latest encryption and security measures, so even the most skilled Jedi will find it difficult to bypass.

Q: Do you have a protocol droid for customer support?
A: Yes, but please be patient with C-3PO. He tends to get a little anxious when confronted with too many tech support questions.

Q: Can I host my holographic archives with you?
A: Of course! Our servers are equipped with the latest holographic storage technology. Just be careful not to accidentally project a Sith holocron. That could get messy.

Q: How do you handle DDoS attacks?
A: We have a squadron of X-wing servers ready to intercept and neutralise any incoming threats. Rest assured, your website will stay online, even in the midst of a cyber battle.

Q: What’s the uptime guarantee on your hosting plans?
A: Our uptime is as reliable as a hyperdrive on a Corellian freighter. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about your website being stuck in a cosmic traffic jam.

Q: Can I upgrade my hosting plan to include a moisture vaporator?
A: Sorry, we don’t offer moisture farming services… yet. But we can certainly provide you with enough server space to store all the water you’ll ever need.

Q: Do you offer hosting for droids?
A: Absolutely! Our servers are droid-friendly, with compatibility for all major operating systems, including binary load lifters and astromechs.

Q: Is your data center protected by a planetary shield?
A: Our data center is fortified with state-of-the-art security measures, including blast doors, ion cannons, and a team of highly trained security droids. Your data is safer with us than hiding on Alderaan.

Q: Why do you insist on misspelling Millenial?
A: Please open a ticket so we can discuss.

Any other questions, contact Darth @jayjay on LowEndTalk or read more in their LowEndTalk thread!

Network Info

Looking Glass: https://lt.lg.mlnl.host
IPv4 Address:

Typical Host Specs

Ryzen 5, 7 or 9
128+ GB RAM
2 x 1 TB NVMe or 2 x 2
1 Gbit Port

Millenial Falcon Deal

Falcon 4G

2 vCPU Cores
50 GB NVMe
Unmetered* Bandwidth (Fair Use)
1 Gbit Port
1 x IPv4 Address
Full Remote Management
OS: Wide selection of Linux based + Windows (BYOL)
Instant Setup
DMCA Ignored
US$11 / month US$6 / month (US$65/annually, 1 month free!)
Order Link

Falcon 6G

4 vCPU Cores
75 GB NVMe
Unmetered* Bandwidth (Fair Use)
1 Gbit Port
1 x IPv4 Address
Full Remote Management
OS: Wide selection of Linux based + Windows (BYOL)
Instant Setup
DMCA Ignored
US$15 / month US$8 / month (US$82/annually, 2+ months free)
Order Link

Falcon 8G

4 vCPU Cores
100 GB NVMe
Unmetered* Bandwidth (Fair Use)
1 Gbit Port
1 x IPv4 Address
Full Remote Management
OS: Wide selection of Linux based + Windows (BYOL)
Instant Setup
DMCA Ignored
US$17 / month US$10 / month (US$106/annually, 1 month free!)
Order Link

Access all other plans here .



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  1. Although Lithuania is not currently considered an exotic location, it is expected to continue to grow in importance in the technology industry in the coming years.

    May 14, 2024 @ 5:18 am | Reply

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