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LowEndTalk Member Creates Homemade Datacenter UPS Out of Tesla Batteries

Battery Power IconLong-time community member @randvegeta has been sharing the story of his Lithium-powered datacenter UPS setup on LowEndTalk.  He is the proprietor of MLNL.host, a cheap VPS provider we featured yesterday.

As a quick overview for those who don’t get down to the hardware layer much, a typical datacenter power setup looks like this:

  • Main power comes in from the local utility company .
  • In the event this power fails, a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) kicks in and a diesel-powered generator is fired up.  The UPS system is typically battery-based and are the size of small cars.
  • The UPS may have as little as 15 minutes of run time.  Its function is to bridge power needs until the generator begin supplying electricity, which usually can occur in 60 seconds or less.

@randvegeta’s approach is a little different.  He’s using Tesla batteries.  In contrast to the lead-acid-based UPSes in common use, he’s hoping this setup will last 10 years or more.

It’s an interesting mad-scientist kind of story and he’s updated the community with pictures of his setup.  Check the latest update!  @randvegata, please keep us up to date on your project.


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