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CYBER MONDAY: The Venus Host is Back With Their Famous $2.49/Month Feature-Packed Shared Hosting Offer!

The Venus Host Logo

Welcome to Cyber Monday from The Venus Host!

They had the usual awesome offer for Black Friday, and now they’ve extended it through Cyber Monday!

  • Get shared hosting with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH for only $2.49/month!
  • Or $24.90/Year!

The Venus Host is well known for packing their shared hosting with tons of extra features.  For example:

  • Your email doesn’t count against your space – you get 10 addresses with 2GB of disk each!
  • Your MySQL also doesn’t count!  Add 2 DBs with 1GB each!
  • You can pay month-to-month!
  • You’re covered by their famous no-hacking guarantee!

They also resell over 400 TLDs so if you’re looking for a domain name be sure to check below!

The Venus Host is registered in India. Their Terms of Service is available on their web site (Privacy Policy). They accept PayPal.

Here’s a little about The Venus Host in their own words:

“We are India based Leading Web Hosting Service Provider And Leading Domain Registrar we can register more than 400 TLDs at very low price. Our Specialty is there is no hidden charges of anything. One more specialty is not a single website on our platform were hacked or compromised. Once customer made the successful payment the service will be immediately activated. Our customer can configure the Email address of their domain on their i-Phone We also host the Android & iOS Applications.”

Remember that the LEB community would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!

Now read more to see the offers!

Cyber Monday
Shared Hosting Special

  • Free SSL Certificate for all website hosted under one Hosting Account
  • Free Global CDN
  • Free DDoS Protection Up To 1 TBPS
  • Free Website Builder
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Address Of 2 GB
  • 2 MySQL Databases Of 1 GB
  • 2 GB SSD Web Space
  • $2.49/month!
  • $24.90/year!
  • [ORDER]


Here Is The List Of TLDs  You Can Register at The Venus Host
.ac .academy .accountants .actor .ae .africa .agency .airforce .app .archi .army .art .associates .at .attorney .auction
.band .bar .bargains .bayern .be .beauty .beer .berlin .best .bet .bid .bike .bingo .bio .biz .biz.pl .black .blog  .blue .boutique .build  .builders .business .buzz
.ca .cab .cafe .camera .camp  .capetown  .capital  .cards .care .careers .cash .catering .cc .center .ch .chat .cheap .church .city .claims .cleaning .clinic .clothing .cloud .club .co .co.com  .co.im .co.in .co.ma  .co.nz . co.uk .co.za .coach .codes  coffee .cologne .com .com.au .com.br .com.es .com.gr .com.im .com.ph .com.pl .com.pt .com.ro .community .company .computer .condos .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking .cool .country .credit .creditcard .cruises .cymru .cz
.dance .dating .de .deals .degree .democrat .dental .desi .design .dev .diamonds .digital .direct .directory .discount .dk .doctor .dog .domains .durban
.earth .eco .edu.gr .edu.pl .education .email .energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises .equipment .es .estate .eu .eu.com .events .exchange .expert .exposed
.fail .family .farm .fashion .fi .film .finance .financial .firm.in .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights .florist .fm .football .forsale .foundation .fr .fun .fund .furniture .futbol .fyi
.gallery .games .gb.com .gb.net .gen.in .gg .gifts .gives .gl .glass .global .gr .graphics .gratis .gripe .group .guide .guru
.hamburg .haus .health .healthcare .holdings .holiday .horse .host .house .how .hu
.im .immo .immobilien .in .ind.in .industries .info .info.pl .ink .institute .insure .international .investments .io .irish .is .it
.je .jetzt .jewelry .joburg .jp
.kaufen .kim .kitchen .kiwi .koeln
.land .lawyer .lease .legal .lgbt .life .lighting .limited .limo .link .live .loans .london .ltd .ltd.uk .luxury .lv
.ma .maison .management .market .marketing .me .me.uk .media .men .menu .mobi .moda .moe .mortgage .mu .mx
.nagoya .name .navy .net .net.im .net.in .net.nz .net.ph .net.pl .network .news .ngo .ninja .nl .no .nom.es .nom.pl .nz
.one .online .org .org.es .org.im .org.in .org.nz .org.ph .org.pl .org.uk
.page .partners .parts .ph .photo .photography .photos .pictures .pink .pizza .pl .place .plumbing .plus .press .pro .productions .properties .pt .pub
.re .recipes .red .reisen .rent .rentals .repair .report .republican .rest .restaurant .review .reviews .ro .rocks .rodeo .ruhr .run
.salon .sarl .school .schule .science .scot .se .services .shiksha .shoes .shop .shop.pl .show .si .singles .site .soccer .social .software .solar .solutions .space .srl .st .store .stream .studio .style .supplies .supply .support .surf .surgery .systems
.tattoo .tax .team .tech .technology .tienda .tips .to .today .tokyo .tools .tours .town .toys .trade .training .tv
.uk .uk.com .uk.net .university .uno .us .us.com
.vacations .vegas .ventures .vet .viajes .video .villas .vip .vision .vodka .voyage
.wales .watch .waw.pl .webcam .website .wedding .wien .wiki .work .works .world .ws .wtf
.yoga .yokohama
.za.com .zone
Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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