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Have You Tried Virtury Cloud? If You're Looking for Hosting Pakistan, You Should!

Virtury CloudOne of the things that’s so awesome about LowEndBox is that our community features providers who have points of presence all over the world.  Literally!

Sure, a lot of people are happy putting their systems in Dallas, Amsterdam, or Singapore, but perhaps you want something elsewhere.  Why?  Perhaps:

  • Your apps or customers want a lower latency experience when interacting with your system
  • You have a need that is very latency-sensitive, such as gameservers
  • You have regulatory or data privacy requirements that dictate your servers are hosted in your home country
  • You are already in multiple datacenters and need more for redundancy

So if the top 5 datacenter locations don’t meet your needs and Pakistan is where you want to be, consider Virtury Cloud.  They operate a privately owned T2 datacenter and their service features:

★ Multi-homed network (connected to multiple upstreams T1/T2s)
★ Connected to PkIX (Pakistan Internet Exchange)
★ 10Gbps Unmetered domestic uplink
★ ~ 10ms Domestic Latency
★ All plans are covered by a 25 days money back guarantee.

Of course, you’re not going to get Dallas or Amsterdam prices but they are highly competitive – cheaper than DigitalOcean, for example.

If you have tried Virtury Cloud, please comment below what you think about this provider!

Network Info

Looking Glass: https://lg.virtury.com

Ping tests:

Nayatel (AS23674): 0.8 ms
Multinet (AS9260): 0.5 ms
Jazz Telecom (AS45669): 1.3 ms
Etisalat Dubai EmIX (AS8966): 38.6 ms
Equinix Singapore (SG4): 96.6 ms
Omantel Seeb (AS8529) : 48.33 ms
Shanghai CT CN2: 166.33 ms
Shanghai CU: 282 ms
Equinix France (FR2): 147 ms
Equinix France (LD7): 151 ms
TPG Perth, Australia: 144 ms


VPS 256

20 GB SSD Storage
256 MB DDR4 Ram
E5-2680 v4
100 Mbit Port @ 1 TB
1 Gbit Domestic Up/Down

VPS 512

40 GB SSD Storage
512 MB DDR4 Ram
E5-2680 v4
100 Mbit Port @ 2 TB
1 Gbit Domestic Up/Down

VPS 1024

80 GB SSD Storage
1024 MB DDR4 Ram
E5-2680 v4
100 Mbit Port @ 4 TB
1 Gbit Domestic Up/Down

VPS 2048

160 GB SSD Storage
2048 MB DDR4 Ram
E5-2680 v4
100 Mbit Port @ 8 TB
1 Gbit Domestic Up/Down


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  1. BanglaWash:

    Do you have enough power? What about loadshedding protection?

    January 14, 2024 @ 8:04 am | Reply

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