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Let's Check In: sh97's Network Benchmark Script has Plenty of New Developments!

StopwatchNot quite a year ago, we wrote about benchmarks and a new script that LowEndTalk member @sh97 released.  While YABS is the most common benchmark in use, @sh97’s script has a different emphasis.

As we wrote then:

My first question was “what does it do that YABS doesn’t”?  He said “The biggest difference is that YABS is an all-in-one bench script – CPU, Network (iperf) and Storage speed, while network-speed focuses only on Network (speedtest-ookla)”.

“The biggest problem I had, as a person from Asia/India is that I can never measure the network performance using YABS since there are no nearby servers and just a single Asian location which is nearer to EU than Asia. And since iperf can handle just a single connection at a time, during peak hours it’s impossible to run a full network test. Now, I just need to run an India bench to check the performance to all major networks of India (as an example).”

He hasn’t been resting on his laurels since we checked in last July.  He’s been hard at work improving the script and has a lot of news to share.  I’ll let him take it from here!

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I moved away from FroCDN to share network test results maybe a few weeks before it was shut down to an in-house tech hosted on a Crunchbits Server. Below are some stats from the shared (captured) results. This was taken on Feb 23.

Number of tests in each month
2023-09: 1152
2023-10: 1104
2023-11: 1672
2023-12: 3269
2024-01: 1343
2024-02: 742

Top Regions for Test
GLOBAL.txt: 6315
EU.txt: 853
NA.txt: 776
CHINA.txt: 422
ASIA.txt: 417
INDONESIA.txt: 205
IRAN.txt: 139
INDIA.txt: 114
SA.txt: 95
AU.txt: 36
AFRICA.txt: 14

Top Networks
AS25846 Cloudnium LLC: 1747 times
Unknown: 430 times
AS63473 HostHatch, LLC: 208 times
AS400304 Redoubt Networks: 205 times
AS36352 ColoCrossing: 199 times
AS16276 OVH SAS: 173 times
AS24940 Hetzner Online GmbH: 149 times
AS31898 Oracle Corporation: 140 times
AS26042 FiberState, LLC: 128 times
AS210630 IncogNET LLC: 124 times

Top Locations
Toronto, Ontario-ON, Canada: 1752 times
Los Angeles, California-CA, United States: 750 times
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse-HE, Germany: 283 times
London, England-ENG, United Kingdom: 266 times
Amsterdam, North Holland-NH, Netherlands: 206 times
Liberty Lake, Washington-WA, United States: 173 times
Tokyo, Tokyo-13, Japan: 170 times
Singapore, North West-03, Singapore: 160 times
Helsinki, Uusimaa-18, Finland: 137 times
Amsterdam, North Holland-NH, The Netherlands: 132 times
Chicago, Illinois-IL, United States: 130 times

As of today, we have over 37k tests done to date.

Other improvements include:

  • Added a new region: Indonesia – taking the region count to 11 now
  • Expanded regional tests: India and China include more cities, GCC Middle East now changed to Middle East, covering more countries. Ookla has a rate limit of 30-32 tests per hour, we are on the limit for that in regions like North America, Europe and Asia
  • Switched to in-house tech (Python Flask Application) for test counter and result sharing. Earlier the counter was on CF workers and sharing on Advin Servers’ now deprecated FroCDN (free file upload service)
  • Crunchbits is also now sponsoring the project – the Flask Applications and the script itself is hosted on a Crunchbits VPS.
  • Upgraded the CLI to the latest version (v1.2.0) – this brings stability and connectivity improvements from Ookla

Here’s some more results from the top 3 regions:

Cool biz!  This is a project worth keeping an eye on.

Have you tried this benchmark?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!


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