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LowEnd Benchmark Wars Heat Up!

Benchmark WarsOk…just kidding.  There are no benchmark wars.

But if you’re into benchmarking, you should check out LowEndTalk member @Liso‘s fork of the famous YABS script, which is getting some discussion over there.

I got in some silly trouble over YABS a while back.  More silly than trouble actually.

Begin Drama Entertainment Digression

I wrote an article called The Problem with Benchmarks.  My two points in that post were:

  1. For the typical VPS user, how meaningful is it to know how if a cpu on provider #1 is 5% faster than a cpu on provider #2?  I’m skeptical that all of the performance data is meaningful to users.  Of course, for some applications it does, but not for all you idlers.
  2. Scripts like YABS are easy to run, but they don’t “benchmark” the things that I really care about: reliability, provider support, and things that cannot be programmatically determined.

I never criticized YABS and for what it does, it’s fine.  I’m sure if MasonR ever read my post he’d understand what I was getting at.  However, in a different forum, someone started a thread saying that I’d attacked YABS, etc.  It was a ridiculous idea and clearly not where I was going…however, because MasonR was staff on that forum, the tinfoil haberdasheries opened shop and said that LowEndBox was taking shots at another forum’s staff’s code.

It was very silly.

End Drama Entertainment Digression

Back to @Liso‘s fork.  The output format is a little different and @Liso says it includes some new features.  However, I have never been a big YABS user so they didn’t jump out at me.  The Github page has details.  Looks like some care was taken in putting it together to make it shell-neutral and tested on a variety of Linxux Distros (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Rocky, Alma, Alpine, Fedora).

This project is very new (less than a month old!) so it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

So…what’s your go-to benchmark?  Do you benchmark?  Anything you’d like to see added to benchmarks?  Let us know in the comments below!


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