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Massive RAM Deal From ByteHosting: You Won't Get This Much for This Price Anywhere Else

This is crazy!

Get a 3-core, 18GB RAM VPS from ByteHosting for only 9.99€ a month!  😳.

Service is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This service comes with 70GB of NVMe, IPv4 + IPv6 (yes, a proper /64), and 25TB of traffic.  Price is recurring.

We’ve featured ByteHosting several times in the past.  Their specialty is high RAM offerings and these specs at this price is incredible.  Let’s compare:

89% Cheaper

DigitalOcean: Forget it.  You can’t even get 18GB on their Basic.  If you want that much RAM, you need to step up to their General Purpose tier, where you’ll pay $252/month for 32GB!  But if you can get by with only 16GB of RAM, it’s only $96/month in their Basic tier.  ByteHosting is 89% cheaper.


89% Cheaper

Akamai/Linode: Again, you’ll have to settle for 16GB unless you want to pay $192/month.  For 16GB, it’s the same price as DigitalOcean.  Same ByteHosting advantage!



41% Cheaper

Random Host: I just googled “cheap VPS” and the first host (not result, but the first actual provider) returned was BlueHost.  They don’t even offer a VPS this big.  Next up was Ionos.  They’re only at $15/month, which is competitive…except that’s only for the first 6 months, then it nearly doubles to $28.  ByteHosting is 40%+ cheaper.


Etcetera…this is the best price you’re going to find for a high RAM offer.  Click here to [ORDER].



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