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Microsoft Injecting Ads on Google.com Pages Disparaging Chrome

Microsoft EdgeIt’s no secret that the major browser makers will gently nudge you to use their product.  If you install Firefox or Chrome, it encourages you to set it as your default.  If you surf to a Google website in a non-Chrome browser, you might see a message suggesting that you try Chrome.

All of that is completely fair – you’re installing someone’s software, or you’re going to someone’s web site, and you can’t flog them for promoting their own products.

What’s not fair play is visiting someone else’s web site and having your browser inject an ad suggesting you don’t really want to use that other browser.

And that’s what Microsoft is doing.  In the current Edge preview, if you visit the Chrome download page, Microsoft will inject an ad disparaging Chrome.

“Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.”  Isn’t that a marvel of legally-checked marketing speak?  So Microsoft Edge is just like Chome but has “added trust”.  So Chrome lacks needed trust?  Do you really trust Microsoft more than Google?  The implication that you can’t trust Google is clear.

Shameful, Microsoft.



  1. Gday

    You can b1tch, complain and moan

    or take real steps

    1 – Replace Windows and MacOSX with
    Linux or BSD

    2 – Replace Default Firefox with LibreWolf Browser

    3 – Replace Default Chrome with ungoogled chromium

    4 – Replace Google Search + Bing Search + DDG + Startpage search with
    > SearcX

    5 – Replace Bing/Apple/Google maps with > OpenStreetmaps

    6 – Stop using ‘free’ closed source corporation software , replace it with free opensource software

    7 – Stop using Software that you cant self host a server
    Replace Discord with Mumble
    Replace Telegram with Delta Chat
    Replace Twatter with Mastodon/Activitypub
    Replace Censortube with Peertube
    Replace WordPress with self hosted static site

    No Future or Solution exists with
    ((( National Statist Government )))
    ((( International Corporations )))
    ((( World Central Banking Cartel )))
    ((( Blackrock/Vanguard/WEF/UN)))

    Known bad companies that are
    Anti Free Speech
    Anti Consumer
    Anti Right to Repair
    Anti Nation
    Anti Workers

    ((( Amazon )))
    ((( Google )))
    ((( Microsoft )))
    ((( DDG )))
    ((( INTEL )))

    Indie and Crowd Funded

    Support Local and District based Economy/Farms/Business’s

    Support the Hard Working, those willing to try, those putting in the extra hours and effort
    to help the community and local district

    Not those that hire outsiders, free loaders, people that cant do the task, people that abuse their position and role

    Heck look at the recent mass firing of Diversity hires in corporations
    these ‘staff’ did videos online showing they sleep, eat and do yoga
    and get paid a ‘wage’ just to say how bad the working class and average citizen is
    that is Patriotic and Nationalistic and working class/hard working

    * Email – charliebrownau@protonmail.com
    * Website – http://charliebrownau.com/
    * Video – https://www.JoshwhoTV.com/channel/charliebrownau
    * Social – https://pieville.net/@charliebrownau

    February 24, 2023 @ 4:14 pm | Reply
    • charlie:

      MacOS is based on BSD

      February 25, 2023 @ 9:36 pm | Reply
    • Ellenor et al Bjornsdottir:

      you must be careful with grouped parentheses, lest you create the appearance of antisemitism. of course, if antisemitism is your explicit intent, I can only hope that LEB blog administration will roundly condemn it as much as you have roundly and rightly condemned opposition to right-to-repair, or opposition to worker’s rights.

      March 5, 2023 @ 3:38 am | Reply
  2. Rev:

    > Do you really trust Microsoft more than Google?

    Yes, because Google is mostly getting his money from ads. But Microsoft creates good products and SELLS them.

    February 27, 2023 @ 6:09 am | Reply

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