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Need a Logo? Perhaps HostPapa's New AI Can Help

Hosting provider HostPapa – who acquired Deluxe’s web hosting business, including ColoCrossing earlier this year – has a subsidiary focused on creating logos named LogoMix.

I honestly didn’t know that one could make an entire business just doing logos.

But HostPapa is apparently doing just that, and now they’re using AI to power it.

LogoMix, a subsidiary of HostPapa, Inc., a leading provider of unique logos and branding services, including print, promo, and websites, for over 40 million users, announced today the launch of its latest groundbreaking technological innovation: LogoMaker AI Logos.

By using game-changing AI technology to design its logo imagery, LogoMaker creates unparalleled one‑of‑a‑kind logos. The Logomix design team, which previously handcrafted each logo, now employs AI-supercharged augmentation to assist in producing unique, striking logos on a once-unimaginable scale. Consequently, LogoMaker’s design inventory has doubled, and with ongoing inspiration from the design team, the LogoMaker AI Logo generator has the potential to scale at a rate unattainable by any design team working in isolation.

Well, let’s give it a spin!

Step 1

LogoMaker Step 1

Step 2

LogoMaker Step 2

Step 3

LogoMaker Step 3

And the Results…

LogoMaker Step 4

There’s actually 5 pages of results to choose from.

As a starting point, and for free, I’ve certainly seen worse.  Heck, I’ve seen worse from Fiverr.

But personally I think logo design requires more than just picking a couple style elements.  It’s supposed to reflect the company’s identity, brand position, marketing focus, etc.  I think to really make a logo with AI, you’d need to feed it a lot of language about what your company is and what message you want to communicate in your logo.  This is more of a shotgun approach – a couple design cues, and then pick from the hundreds of results.

Check out LogoMix’s AI based logo design on their website.

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!



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