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Polish 'Bulletproof' Host, Lolek Hosted, Seized by FBI (Kiwi Farms Host?)

Recently, the infamous site, Kiwi Farms, partially switched to using Polish data center, Sprint data center.

It’s unclear if Kiwi Farms was operating through a downstream customer, Lolek Hosted

But, what is clear is right around the time Sprint data center kicked Kiwi Farms off their network (according to Joshua Moon, founder of Kiwi Farms), Lolek Hosted was seized by the FBI:

“This action has been taken in coordination with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida and the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Department of Justice,” it should be noted Joshua Moon is originally from Florida, and that’s where Lolcow, LLC was first incorporated, before moving to Wyoming.

Here’s what Josh said on his Telegram:

He claims Sprint banned Kiwi Farms, but he also claims Lolek Hosted wasn’t operating at Sprint PL, which is false.

Crazy coincidences to not be connected, especially with the timing of both events, and the fact both events occurred under the roof of Sprint PL.

Anyways, Lolek Hosted is another “no-log” host that’s a 100% privacy-based hosting service:


Lolek Hosted was owned by AstroVM (still online as of right now) – which appeared to be a clean business, per se.

We can tell by their IPs and RIPE LIR.

Agata Grabowska trading as FUFO Studio
ul. Cisowa 18 lok. d
76-251 Kobylnica
phone: +48795010361
e-mail: support (at) astrovm (dot) net
Areas serviced: PL


IPs used include:


Which we can see archived on Lolek Hosted here:

Right now, only these ranges remain at Sprint data center:

It’s clear anywhere in the European Union is off limits for any type of crime, just as much as the United States…

Bulletproof hosts never last. Poland is still in the European Union.

I can’t say it’s surprising Lolek Hosted was seized, honestly.

It was disrespectfully and blatantly breaking the law with the content it hosted (beyond Kiwi Farms), the FBI probably took that personally.

We’ll have to wait and find out if any major news comes out of this, and how this plays out for AstroVM.

Update 8/11/23:

Justice.gov has officially released a statement about this.

Sir Foxy

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  1. mario:

    what crime

    August 10, 2023 @ 7:02 am | Reply

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