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Kiwi Farms' Joshua Moon Did Not Like Our Article Yesterday

Struck a NerveYesterday, SirFoxy published a fascinating article titled “Polish ‘Bulletproof’ Host, Lolek Hosted, Seized by FBI (Kiwi Farms Host?)”.

It detailed how Kiwi Farms had partially switched to using Polish data center, Sprint data center, and was possibly operating through a downstream customer, Lolek Hosted.  About the same time Sprint booted Kiwi Farms from their network, Lolek Hosted was seized by the FBI.

Lolek was a “bulletproof” host, which is one of those marketing terms that is difficult to back up.  If you want bulletproof hosting for, say, legitimate political content, then tons of hosts qualify (pretty much any host in the USA).  If “bulletproof” means hosting something illegal, hate speech, calls to violence, coordinating ISIS activities, piracy, etc. then it’s likely to be less than “bulletproof” unless you have some heavy state sponsorship behind you, which you don’t.

We’ve had quite bit of coverage about Kiwi Farms on LEB:

Plus the LowEndTalk thread where they were asking for someone to host them.

However yesterday’s post struck a nerve with Joshua Moon, KF’s proprietor.  That post went live at 2:06pm US-Eastern.  Less than 6 hours, Moon submitted the following ticket:

This author,

1. Has set up a logger on my Telegram to record everything said there.
2. Acknowledges that the Kiwi Farms briefly (for under 24 hours) used SprintPL as a reverse-proxy.
3. Publishes a list of LolekHosting subnets which does not intersect the IP address aforementioned in the A record.
4. Insists that the Federal Police of Poland seized an entire datacenter for hosting the Kiwi Farms in under 24 hours.
5. Ignores the fact that Hosteam, our other reverse-proxy, is also in Poland.

This is an egregious, deliberate misrepresentation of facts that is tantamount to accusing me and my website of criminal behavior for the purpose of making it increasingly difficult for an already beleaguered, US-legal community to find Internet service during an era of unprecedented corporate censorship.

I hope that you have the integrity to investigate this person’s intentions and his abuse of your SEO prominence for his personal political agendas.

That last bit is a bit silly.  SirFoxy is a staff member here because he produces awesome content on everything from legendary LowEndTalk members to legendary LowEndTalk providers (in more than one sense) to legendary Internet beefs.

Kiwi Farms is news.  Kiwi Farms has intersected with our community several times: they asked for hosting, they’ve been a topic on the forum, and one of our providers is embroiled in a legal dispute because of them.  As long as KF continues to intersect with our community, we’ll probably continue to write about them and no “political agendas” are involved.

But we’re all about giving our readers both sides of the story.  Here’s SirFoxy’s response:

There’s no misrepresentation.

Would you like to do an interview?

Alas, Joshua is not interested:

There’s no reason to speak to someone so deliberately and shamefully intellectually dishonest. Please do not contact me in the future.



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