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Do You Want to Host Kiwi Farms?

Kiwi Farms“My name is Joshua Moon and I run a website called the Kiwi Farms. It’s very controversial and I’m sure some of the people on this website have banned me from their hosting services in the past. Unfortunately for many, I am still around.”

So began a startling post on LowEndTalk.  You may remember Kiwi from our previous coverage of the Cloudflare controversy, or you may remember them from the gazillions of other articles written about them (or just check Wikipedia).

Whether you love Kiwi, hate Kiwi, think Kiwi should be banned, or spend all of your time on Kiwi, the post is an interesting look into what happens when your site becomes a pariah.

  • Cloudflare dropped them
  • They signed up with Zayo, only to be dropped 12 hours later
  • Voxility dropped them practically on signup (they had a similar issue when hosted on BuyVM)
  • Worldstream instructed Incognet to drop them (which is a way of saying “drop them or we’ll drop you”)

So now they’re looking for a new redundant upstream because at the moment they’re running on only one.

Anyone Want to Host Kiwi?

Anyone thinking of taking them on will face complaints from their upstream and various DDoS attacks, though Joshua said they are not as common as you’d think.  Apparently attacks are not infrequent but would-be attackers lose interest quickly once they realize DDoS protection is in place.

The thread is an interesting look inside, and covers many of the major players in the global network space.  Check it out!





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