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POLL: Which PHP Frameworks Are You Using in 2023?

PHPIt’s 2023 and by some measures, 77% of all web sites are powered by PHP.  I’m not sure it’s quite that high, though if you think about every WordPress site, maybe…

I’ve been coding a small-volume API and Laravel has been a breeze.  Years ago I did some CakePHP sites and really once you do an MVC project, a lot of the concepts carry over.  Laravel benefits from very nice documentation and a vast community.  Also the code has been bug free so far for me.  I did say “small volume” which I think PHP is appropriate for.  Of course there are ways to scale it further, and one can always go horizontal (depending), but in this case I’m unlikely to seriously tax a 4GB VPS so fast development pays dividends.

Laravel has everything I need, but I’m mostly transforming SQL data and sending it to requesters – YMMV.

Indeed, what mileage are you putting on PHP frameworks these days?  Vote and let us know!  I included some older ones as I know each framework has its partisans.

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Which PHP Frameworks Do You Use?





  1. None, I write without any frameworks, pure PHP, almost 20 years.

    February 28, 2023 @ 7:21 pm | Reply
  2. The choice of a PHP framework depends on the specific project requirements, development preferences, and the availability of community support.

    May 27, 2023 @ 12:35 am | Reply
  3. Thanks to you, I learned about Laravel. Thank you again for the article

    September 19, 2023 @ 12:28 am | Reply
  4. I have everything for PHP Frameworks I need with Laravel.

    October 4, 2023 @ 11:55 pm | Reply
  5. Kozey:

    As of 2023, it’s intriguing to note that PHP supports 77% of all websites, according to some data. This statistic may seem surprising at first, but considering the vast number of WordPress sites, which are predominantly built with PHP, it makes more sense. WordPress is a top search term for many seeking content management solutions, and its widespread use significantly contributes to PHP’s dominance. While this percentage may vary depending on the source and methodology of data collection, it’s clear that PHP remains a foundational technology for the web, powering a significant portion of websites globally.

    July 23, 2024 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

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