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Enjoy This Index of Thousands of FREE Programming Books! Python, Rust, Javascript, Java, C#, C++, You Name It!

Programming Language IndexLooking to learn a new programming language, or polish skills in one you already know?

Then you’ll want to bookmark this fantastic GitHub resource.  If you’re not a native English speaker, there are indexes for many languages.

What kind of languages are we talking about?  ALL of them!

A is for ABAP, Ada, Agda, Alef, APL, App Inventor, ASP.NET, Assembly, Awk, and more.

B is for Bash, BASIC, BeanShell, and BETA.


Books are listed for all the major languages, as well as many obscure ones.

There are also books on non-programming languages such as SQL, as well as topics like Android, FreeBSD, Linux, IoT, etc.  Within big languages such as JavaScript and PHP, you can also find books on frameworks and libraries.

As you might imagine, the books are uneven in quality, but many are quite good.

For example, let’s say you want to learn R.  You might start with some of these:

And then move on to:

The cases where I noted page numbers are books which are published as “normal” books where you can buy a physical paper copy or an ebook through Amazon or similar.  This is a common model.  In some cases there is a free copy online and readers can optionally buy a physical or electronic copy (either because they want paper, want it on a particular device, or want to support the author).  In others, an earlier edition of the book is available for free but later editions require purchase.

Some of these “books” are courses put together by CS teachers.  And some are thin tutorials created as content for web sites.  But many are high quality books, even standard texts for the language.

So if you’re in a mood to learn, get cracking!




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