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Pssst...Hey Kid...Wanna Buy a Used VPS?

SalesmanYou might think that services such as VMs, dedicated servers, and shared hosting solutions can only be bought from service providers.

You’d be wrong.

On LowEndTalk, there’s a lively market to sell and resell services.  Threads in which someone wants to sell a service they have are not uncommon.  Sometimes they’re outright sales, and sometimes even auctions.

Why would someone buy a service and then want to resell it?  Typically it’s someone who bought a yearly (or longer) deal and decides they no longer need it.  Maybe they moved away, maybe they discovered something in the TOS they should have checked before buying, or maybe they just overextended themselves.  Maybe it was one of those legendary Black Friday deals they couldn’t pass up because it was just sooooo good…then they realized they’ve got 14 different high-RAM VPSes in Dallas and can’t use them all.

In such cases, people post threads on LowEndTalk.  You’ll even see people post threads asking if someone has a particular deal they no longer want and are willing to sell.

There are some rules:

  • Normal selling rules apply, no scams, frauds, etc.
  • The provider must allow the transfer.  This is important!  Not all providers allow transfers and that’s completely within their rights.
  • Typically the new owner has to sign up with the provider and pass all anti-fraud checks.
  • It must be a genuine service transfer, not a “you give me cash, I give you my login and password” kind of deal.

The reason for that last stipulation is that providers have a right to know who their customers are.  They don’t want someone to sell an account to a spammer who causes all kinds of havoc, etc.

So if you have a cheap VPS or other service gathering dust on your virtual shelf, why not sell it and recoup your investment?  Just check with the provider what their resell policy is, and then head over to LowEndTalk!


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