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So Who's Read the Path.net .ZIP Files That Were Leaked? Everyone It Seems

Frozen AmyWe were just talking about Path.net a couple days ago.  They’re being sued by Telia for unpaid bills.

Meanwhile, a huge tarball (6GB+) of data has been leaked from a disaffected Path employee who goes variously by the names “Amy” or “frozen” or sometimes both.

The leak made its way onto LowEndTalk.  Ultimately it was removed because it may contain various PII data.

Of course, it was downloaded from various sources a billion times, and it’s not hard to find now.

There’s a lot of info there.  If you want me to summarize it all…I think I’ll pass because wading through the twisted world of that company’s inner workings for hours and hours would drive me mad.  And you can read it all for yourself.

But One Thing I Did Read

I joked last time that Path could pay off its debts with its short-lived homegrown cryptocurrency.

Turns out they’d tried that before.  And gotten sued.

Last year, a fellow named Jason Dorcett filed suit, claiming all manner of injustice over his investment with Path.net.

Path.net Suit

According to the suit, he invested in Path for $1m and was given $1m in Path coins, as well as various promises about financial transparency.  The latter never happened and Jason did not receive the regular financial reports he was promised.  Path defaulted on the note and the coins became worthless.  You can find these court filings on the usual places like Pacer, and someone posted them on KiwiFarms..


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