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Different Day, Same Drama: Path.net Booted Off Six Exchanges for Non-Payment

Path.NetLooks like Path.net has further troubles.  We were just talking about them a month ago.

From LowEndTalk:

Path is now suspended from at least these:

DE-CIX Frankfurt
DE-CIX Dallas
DE-CIX New York
DE-CIX Phoenix

Can be confirmed from lg.he.net


Later, @stefeman noted they’d been kicked off AMS-IX as well.

The issue appears to be unpaid bills.  Shockingly, this was confirmed by a Path.net employee who shared a message from DE-CIX:

Path.net DE-CIX

How messed up does your internal culture need to be so that your own employees are outing your financial challenges to random customers on the Internet?  As one LET member speculated, this employee probably hasn’t been paid in a while, hence the morale situation.

Update from @stefeman: 

Some clarification is needed here:

The original email by “Lee field” to DE-CIX was apparently phising attempt to get DE-CIX to respond whats the issue. This info was naturally not supposed to go to outsiders…

so tl:dr

The [image above] is fake, but its also real. It was not posted by “Zigi” which is likely still path employee. Entire drama started mostly cause of some dude phished out the answer from DE-CIX and posted it everywhere.

Now back to our article…

Path’s DDoS mitigation capacity has dropped 600Gbps as a result of this, which is a massive loss of capability.  How much longer can they survive?

Patron Provider @PHP_Friends noted they moved off Path because “of the enormous number of complete failures we had with Path. Some of the support was really non-existent, they were not prepared to adjust anything.”

Unesty published a blog post a couple days ago saying they were moving off Path as well.  And then they won the Internet with this delightful reply on X/Twitter.

Path Tweet



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  1. Neol:

    I believe a minor correction is needed here. The DE-CIX email screenshots originated from an individual impersonating a Path employee, with DE-CIX failing to verify whether the sender was indeed associated with Path.

    March 15, 2024 @ 2:07 pm | Reply

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