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Two Weeks After Killing the Linode Brand, Akamai Jacks Up Prices 20% and Doubles IP Fees

AkamaiIt was only on February 15th that we shared news that Akamai was retiring the Linode brand.  linode.com is up, but if you visit that site, they’ve sort of clumsily slapped an Akamai-colored header at the top while retaining the green-themed Linode pages otherwise.  It’s sort a brand mullet: Akamai on top, Linode in the back.

If you miss Linode already, you’re going to miss them a lot more in 30 days, because Akamai has announced across-the-board steep price hikes.

As we expand our cloud portfolio and work to improve the resiliency and reach of our network, we face the reality of also evolving some of the economic fundamentals that make this expansion possible, while staying true to our core mission of making cloud computing affordable and accessible.

Good grief what a bunch of “if we say it with big words, we can ease them into” corporate speak.  Here’s the bottom line:

  • Prices for all VMs except their smallest Nanodes will increase by 20%
  • IPv4s double in price

This is somewhat balanced by Akamai cutting egress overage fees from $.01/GB to $.005/GB which most of you aren’t going to use anyway, so we won’t put that lameness in bold.

So your 2GB Linode was $10 but will now be $12, your 4GB will go from $20 to $24, and if you’ve got a 16gb you’re going from $80 to $96.  Just a flat 20% vig across the board.

Stop the Insanity

Instead of staying on that sinking ship, here’s a list of providers off the top of my head who’ll give you more resources for cheaper prices:

and there’s lots more.


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  1. Your 2GB Linode, which was previously priced at $10 but will now be $12, your 4GB Linode, which was previously priced at $20 but will now be $24, and your 16GB Linode, which was previously priced at $80 but will now be $96. Simply a standard vig of 20% applied to all bets.

    August 16, 2023 @ 2:56 am | Reply

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