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Bitronic Technologies – $3.09 256MB SSD Xen PV VPS in Tampa, Florida

Tags: , , , , , Date/Time: June 30, 2013 @ 11:33 pm, by Liam

Bryan, from Bitronic Technologies, has sent in his first ever offer for LowEndBox readers. This exclusive offer takes 15% off their regular prices with the coupon code LowEndBox2013. Nano VPS 1 CPU Core 256MB RAM 512MB SSD vSwap 6GB SSD Diskspace 256GB Bandwidth 100Mbps Port Speed 1 IPv4 Address Xen PV/Virtualizor Coupon: “LowEndBox2013“ $3.39/Month | […]

Server Security: How to Install Sudo and Configure SSH Server

Tags: Date/Time: June 29, 2013 @ 11:25 am, by Maarten Kossen

One of the most important aspects of running a server is a good security policy. It is also one of the things that comes last, usually. But if you don’t pay attention to it up front, it’s going to cost you in the long run in case you are breached. This tutorial is one in […]

Backupsy – $5/Month 250GB KVM VPS with Custom panel in 4 locations

Tags: , , , , , , , , Date/Time: June 28, 2013 @ 3:03 pm, by Liam

Oktay, from Backupsy, is back with three different offers. Two of the plans below were featured on their last post, but only in Chicago. Now they are also available in Buffalo and Dallas. A NL based plan is also available. 250GB US Deal 1 vCPU Core 512MB RAM 250GB RAID50 Diskspace 1000GB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 […]

VPS Ace – $18/Year 128MB OpenVZ SSD-Cached VPS in Buffalo, NY

Tags: , , , , , Date/Time: June 27, 2013 @ 10:49 pm, by Liam

Matt, from VPS Ace, has sent in two offers for LEB readers this time. One is for a $18/Year 128MB VPS, whilst the other is a $7/Month 2GB plan. VPS – VZ-128MB 128MB RAM 128MB vSwap Equal CPU Share 10GB SSD-Cached Diskspace 100GB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address OpenVZ/SolusVM 100Mbps Port Speed $18/Year | Order Link […]

ExpertVM – $6.99 256MB KVM VPS in Singapore, Asia

Tags: , , , Date/Time: June 27, 2013 @ 11:31 am, by Liam

Caric, from ExpertVM, informs us that they have recently restocked their KVM packages. Two of these KVM plans, one yearly and one monthly, are priced within the LEB price limits. KVM1 128MB RAM 1 CPU Core 10GB Diskspace 40GB Bandwidth 10Mbps Port Speed 1 IPv4 Address KVM / SolusVM $40/Year | Direct Signup Link KVM2 […]

PaulVPS – $6 Monthly 1GB OpenVZ VPS in Los Angeles & Phoenix, Az.

Tags: , , , , , Date/Time: June 25, 2013 @ 10:37 pm, by Liam

Danny, from PaulVPS, has sent in a june offer for LowEndBox readers. The plan is exclusive to LEB and no coupon is needed. The spec is below: 1GB OpenVZ VPS -June Sale 1024MB RAM 512MB vSwap 4 Shared Cores 60GB RAID10 Diskspace 1000GB Bandwidth 100Mbps Port 1 IPv4 Address OpenVZ/SolusVM $6/ Month | Order: phoenix […]

2Host – $7/Month 512MB Unmetered Xen VPS in San Jose, California

Tags: , , , , , Date/Time: June 25, 2013 @ 9:09 am, by Liam

Tim, from 2HOST, has sent in this exclusive unmetered offer for LowEndBox readers. Servers are located at the CoreSite datacenter in San Jose, California. A3 XEN Enterprise (512MB) 512MB RAM 50GB RAID10 Diskspace Equal CPU share Unmetered Bandwidth 1Gbps Port Speed 1 IPv4 Address Xen/SolusVM Coupon: LEBCHEAP $7/Month | Order now 2Host have been featured […]

FtpIt – $4.99 2GB OpenVZ VPS in Buffalo, New York

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: June 24, 2013 @ 5:40 pm, by Liam

Radoslav, from FtpIt, has sent in his first ever offer for LowEndBox readers. At the time of emailing me, these offers were exclusive to LEB and LET. Promo 1 – 1GB 1024MB RAM 2 CPU Cores 35GB Diskspace 1000GB Bandwidth 100Mbps Port Speed 1 IPv4 Address OpenVZ/SolusVM $3.99/Month | Order Link Promo 2 – 2GB […]

Routing IPv6 from a HE tunnel to VPS (CentOS host)

Tags: Date/Time: June 22, 2013 @ 5:37 pm, by Maarten Kossen

Last week I wrote a tutorial about routing IPv6 from a HE tunnel to VPS on Ubuntu. As promised, this week the CentOS version! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tutorial where I explained how to set up a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel on your KVM VPS. While this is a nice solution, […]

LVPSHosting – $6.99 512MB vSwap OpenVZ VPS in Albasserdam, Netherlands

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: June 21, 2013 @ 3:34 pm, by Liam

Marcus, from¬†LVPSHosting, has sent in another exclusive offer for LowEndBox readers. Compared with their last offer, this once has double the amount of vSwap, access to an extra vCPU core and 200GB more bandwidth. LVPS-1 OpenVZ 512MB RAM 1024MB vSwap 2 vCPU Cores 50GB Diskspace 1000GB Bandwidth 100Mbps Port Speed OpenVZ/SolusVM 1 IPv4 Address $6.99/Month […]

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