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Comparing BGP Stacks' Performance: bird vs. frr vs. OpenBGP vs gobgp Shootout Data Published

BGPMost users don’t spend a lot of time worrying about BGP, much less BGP performance.  But if you the kind of person who worries about BGP performance, it’s likely very important to you.

BGP is the Border Gateway Protocol.  It’s used in routing information on the Internet.  Or if you want a slightly more detailed description, it’s used to route on the Internet between Autonomous Systems (typically an Internet Service Provider).  It’s the routing topology for the Internet.  Worrying about this kind of routing is not something your typical Internet user or even VM/dedi server customer worries about, but a provider does.

Justin Pietsch, a former AWS network engineer, published a research study comparing the performance of various BGP software stacks, and he recently updated it with fresh data.  Tested software includes bird, frr, OpenBGP, and gobgp, and he varies the number of neighbors and prefixes in order to compare systems.  There’s a ton of data and it’s well-presented here in an unbiased fashion.  Pietsch declares “I’m not really going to declare a winner” but does some draw conclusions.

If you’re a provider or network professional, it’s an interesting read.


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