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CWVPS: 50% OFF Linux and Windows KVM VPS Offers with Unmetered Bandwidth in 8 Locations

CWVPS (Cheap Windows VPS) is back on LowEndBox with an exclusive offer! This month they have two offers up for grabs, a 4GB package at $4.50/month (normally $9/month) and an 8GB package for just $8.50/month (normally $17/month). Both packages are KVM based, include unmetered bandwidth, and offer a variety of operating system choices including both Linux and Windows.

You can deploy your system in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, or Buffalo in the USA, London or Sofia in Europe, and Singapore in Asia.  Their LA site also has an Asia-optimized network option.

We last featured them back on November 27, 2020 and are excited to see them offering great deals to our community again!

Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept PayPal, Perfect Money and BitCoin.

Here’s a little about Cheap Windows VPS in their own words:

Cheap Windows VPS was launched in 2015 to fill the gap in the Windows VPS market by offering cost-effective, cutting-edge KVM Windows VPS hosting solutions. Cheap Windows VPS hosts thousands of VM’s with customers spanning all corners of the earth.

Remember that the LEB community would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!

Now read more to see the offers!


  • 4GB RAM
  • 60GB SSD Storage (RAID50)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 x Shared Gbps Port
  • 1 x IPv4 Address
  • 2 x Intel CPUs (@ 2.0Ghz+)
  • Windows Server or Linux
  • KVM + SolusVM Access
  • Remote Desktop or SSH Access
  • rDNS/PTR Supported
  • $9/month $4.50/month
  • Coupon Code: LEBAPR21
  • [ORDER]


  • 8GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD Storage (RAID50)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 x Shared Gbps Port
  • 1 x IPv4 Address
  • 3 x Intel CPUs (@ 2.0Ghz+)
  • Windows Server or Linux
  • KVM + SolusVM Access
  • Remote Desktop or SSH Access
  • rDNS/PTR Supported
  • $17/month $8.50/month
  • Coupon Code: LEBAPR21
  • [ORDER]
Coupon code is also valid for 50% off
any of their larger plans here.

Coupon Code: LEBAPR21


  • Buffalo, New York, USA
    • Test IPv4:
    • Test file: http://buf.lg.cheapwindowsvps.com/100MB.test
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Test IPv4:
    • Test file: http://lg.la.cheapwindows.com/100MB.test
  • Los Angeles, California, USA (Asia Optimized Network)
    • Test IPv4:
    • Test file: http://lao.lg.cheapwindowsvps.com/100MB.test
  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Test IPv4:
    • Test file: http://chi.lg.cheapwindowsvps.com/100MB.test
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
    • Test IPv4:
    • Test file: http://dal.lg.cheapwindowsvps.com/100MB.test


  • 2x Intel Xeon E5 CPU
  • 384 GB RAM
  • 8x 1TB SSDs
  • Hardware RAID50
  • 1Gbps uplink


Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!



  1. When selecting local Singapore, will be added $ 20 per month :)).
    I think it is difficult to compete with VULTR or DO

    May 5, 2021 @ 1:27 pm | Reply
    • Unfortunately, Singapore is a premium market and the pricing offered is difficult to reproduce in locations outside of the US and Europe. The goal in the future would be to replicate US/EU prices in the Asian market but it may be a while before the pricing for colocation and dedicated servers come down in those areas.

      We appreciate your understanding.

      May 5, 2021 @ 1:53 pm | Reply
  2. Great offer CheapWindowsVPS! That is a heck of a deal.

    May 5, 2021 @ 1:44 pm | Reply
    • revek:

      Bought this yesterday but unfortunately today I’m get 90 meg down and 0.00 up. I’m going to put a ticket in but this doesn’t look good.

      May 11, 2021 @ 12:21 pm | Reply
  3. Thanks for posting us!

    May 5, 2021 @ 1:50 pm | Reply
  4. Mr Bean:

    I have both of their 4Gb and 8Gb plans hosted on the same node in the UK.

    The service has been pretty stable so far – with only one recent instance of minor(?) downtime, which I’d hoped support would respond slightly faster to (ticket priority was set to high) and with a decent explanation as to what had caused said downtime, which I did not unfortunately.

    I’ll stick with them for now to see how it goes.

    May 6, 2021 @ 8:21 am | Reply
    • Thanks for sharing your experience with Cheap Windows VPS, Mr. Bean!

      May 6, 2021 @ 9:21 am | Reply
    • I really appreciate your continued support and business!

      May 6, 2021 @ 2:45 pm | Reply
  5. Jared:

    When selecting the 8GB, it says 4GB in both the Order Summary and Memory drop-down. 8GB isn’t even an option.

    This turned me away from trying it out.

    May 6, 2021 @ 10:46 am | Reply
    • Hi Jared,

      I am sorry that you are experiencing issues with your order process. We have thousands of customers we service, who order regularly from our website and after testing our webpage it seems to be loading the correct plan. My guess is since being posted on LowEndBox, the ddos attacks have been causing some issues with CloudFlares “Under Attack Mode” resulting in some things going haywire in the page caching/loading. I did, however, see that the 8 GB plan had the incorrect disk space and I’ve since resolved this issue on our order forms.

      if you can email me, tony AT cheapwindowsvps.com , I will gladly provide you with your first month of service for free as a sign of our commitment to providing you with the best possible experience.

      I appreciate the opportunity to do business with you and I look forward to receiving your email!

      May 6, 2021 @ 2:44 pm | Reply
      • Jared:

        Thanks for the quick reply. It appears to be loading correctly now.

        I’ll give it a try! :) Thank you for the offer of a free month, but that’s not necessary. This is an incredibly good deal already. If the service is good, I’m happy to pay!

        May 6, 2021 @ 5:16 pm | Reply
        • Jared:

          Quick update. I got the 8GB plan in Chicago. It feels really snappy and responsive. Speed test shows 822Mbps/940Mbps.

          Very nice! If the service remains stable over the next month, I’ll probably bring some of my web apps over.


          May 6, 2021 @ 8:33 pm | Reply
  6. Jared:

    Also for the 8GB plan, it says 60GB disk space in Order Summary and Configurable Options. It’s advertised as 120GB, though.

    May 6, 2021 @ 10:48 am | Reply
    • CheapWindowsVPS has made a correction on the SSD space listed on the order form for this 8GB VPS sale.

      May 6, 2021 @ 2:48 pm | Reply
    • Jared:

      Just to follow up. This was fixed, and the 8GB RAM with 120GB storage VPS is working nicely.

      May 6, 2021 @ 8:35 pm | Reply
  7. Interestinng

    place order

    May 7, 2021 @ 2:13 am | Reply
  8. G Khalifa:

    Hi I order your service since two days, and the server still Pending even after I paid the invoice , Invoice #211598
    can you explain to me Why .

    May 11, 2021 @ 6:21 am | Reply
    • Gomaa Khalifa Khalifa:

      Alright I open the Ticket and the server activated within hour, than you very much,
      I just hope that your service will remains as good as it’s now.

      May 11, 2021 @ 8:20 am | Reply
      • Our team is very helpful and standing by for any technical requests. We thank you for your business.

        May 12, 2021 @ 9:06 am | Reply
  9. Simon:

    Trying to ping the Buffalo IP and it is not working, is there currently an issue with that center?

    May 11, 2021 @ 12:02 pm | Reply
    • Jared:

      My VPS is in Buffalo and working fine. I did notice that my server doesn’t respond to pings. Maybe they’re filtering out ICMP traffic?

      May 11, 2021 @ 4:26 pm | Reply
  10. Kassem:

    Anyone has Geekbench for the 8GB one?

    May 23, 2021 @ 1:52 pm | Reply
    • Kassem,

      How about you email me tony -AT- cheapwindowsvps.com and we can arrange a free trial so you can benchmark the VPS?

      Lets do it!

      May 25, 2021 @ 7:25 am | Reply
  11. Bilal:

    Just a bad system. I tried ordering the VPS and it didn’t work so I tried again then it failed and then I was like I will wait till next day and try again but it still failed.

    Now it shows me I have 3 unpaid invoices with -54 balance. But on the mail view it shows me I have -104 balance.

    I cannot get these canceled and it is taking forever to get this fixed. I only wanted to order 2 Windows VPS but now I am stuck with 3 invocies for 6 VPS.

    May 23, 2021 @ 4:41 pm | Reply
    • Hi Bilal,

      Please email me your order number to tony -AT- cheapwindowsvps.com and we will be sure to correct this. I can also grant you one-month free service for the inconveniences caused by our WHMCS system.

      May 25, 2021 @ 7:24 am | Reply
  12. Timothy Winters:

    Stay far away from them. I ordered a server from them today, it’s excruciatingly slow, takes forever to reboot, and my home internet is faster. I asked for a refund and they refused. Will be disputing my PayPal payment and will not renew.

    May 29, 2021 @ 11:15 pm | Reply
    • Hi Timothy,

      I’m very sorry for the bad experience. I went ahead and provided you with a refund for your purchase. If you decide to give us another chance in the future please contact me directly for a free month of service on the house. My email is tony -AT- cheapwindowsvps.com

      June 1, 2021 @ 10:02 am | Reply
    • CWVPS:

      Hi Timothy,

      Sorry for the late reply on your issues here. I didn’t see these comments.

      We had some issues with certain Windows templates which caused a slow down for some clients. Windows 2016 seems to fix all of these issues. If you would give me the opportunity to make things right, I can issue you 1 month of free service to give it another go. Please email me tony AT cheapwindowsvps.com and I will take care of you right away.

      Thank you,

      May 4, 2022 @ 10:43 am | Reply
  13. Calin:

    Waste of time host company. I had high hopes when I went in.
    I ordered a VPS. After 5 hours I sent a ticket asking what is going on. On the site it was saying that I would get a VPS within 15 minutes from payment. They responded fairly quick and provided me the VPS I ordered – it was slow and since it was now late so I left it running over night with nothing but Windows on. In the morning I couldn’t connect to the VPS. It crashed. Trying to reboot or reinstall Windows didn’t do anything.
    I sent another ticket to report it. Soon they said it was fixed (provided me a screenshot) but within minutes from them sending me the notification and me trying to get in, the server crashed again. I didn’t even get a chance to log in. This happened about 3 times.
    They offered me another VPS on a different node. It was faster, but it had a bunch of bugs, one of them a networking issue which prevented me to go to the internet, 5 critical server errors, etc.
    I sent another ticket. They “fixed” it. I restarted the VPS without doing anything else and it crapped out. After a countless amount of tickets and another VPS (3rd one) on a different node, the same issues. More tickets.
    Every time they told me that the issues were fixed, all I did was to restart the VPS and all the issues were back. Including the networking problem.
    I kept asking them to please restart the VPS and check if it is working properly before reporting back to me that they fixed it and is ready to go. They never followed my repeated requests.
    Last time, they made me wait for almost a day, “working” on my ticket. Guess what? They sent me a note saying that the VPS is ready and it is working properly. I went straight in and restarted it. Surprise! The same bugs were on including the networking issue. Clearly nobody bothered to read my repeated requests to restart the VPS and then check it before telling me that they fixed it!
    My patience was running thin.
    Granted it was a good price for the VPS, but if I can’t use it, then what’s the point? I might as well buy those expensive Supreme bricks.
    I just asked for my money back.

    June 4, 2021 @ 6:28 pm | Reply
    • Timothy Winters`:

      EXACTLY the same experience I had with their support. They kept tweaking and nothing improved, even got worse. Then after I said to just give me a refund, they refused, kept tweaking, said they increased the speed (which was STILL slower than my home internet of 200Mb), and kept going on and on and on even after I said refund. Eventually they finally relented.

      June 30, 2021 @ 9:13 am | Reply
    • CWVPS:

      Hi Calin,

      Sorry that we dropped the ball here. Our intentions are not to provide a bad service to anyone. We had some issues with some of our WIndows templates which caused speed issues which have since been resolved. If you are willing to give us another opportunity we can issue you a 1 month credit, and place you on a Windows 2016 template which will be stable and fast.

      Please email me tony -AT- cheapwindowsvps.com so I can take care of this personally.

      Thank you

      May 4, 2022 @ 10:47 am | Reply
  14. Jared:

    I’m surprised by all the negative comments. I’m still using mine and haven’t had any problems. Both processing and network speeds are still good (currently 460 down and 704 up). Maybe I’m on a good node?

    June 30, 2021 @ 12:12 am | Reply
  15. Ben:

    I had absolutely horrible luck with their Windows 10 image network speed. Once I had them convert it to Server 2016, the speeds were fine. I had to manually update the Red Hat Virtio driver package from the one they used afterward to have the NIC initialize properly after a reboot, but I ended up with a nice performing Windows VPS on this deal with the 3Vcpu/8GB/120GB-SSD option hosted in Las Angeles. Always greater than 400 down and 800 up when speed testing.

    Also, lock the VPS down ASAP with a custom RDP port, using SSL cert, disabling the administrator account, and adding your own custom user accounts as there was some strange behavior with passwords getting changed in the beginning too.

    November 3, 2021 @ 12:02 pm | Reply
    • CWVPS:

      Hi Ben,

      We discovered that our Windows 10 template had an issue with networking speed and quickly eliminated it from our network. Windows 2016 provides a stable, fast connection for our clients. I would love to give you a free month of service for the inconvenience. Please email me tony -AT- cheapwindowsvps.com and we will take care of you.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      May 4, 2022 @ 10:45 am | Reply
  16. i buy vps but first test your service like vps speed and other resorcess can you test your service

    4GB KVM VPS windows

    April 26, 2022 @ 9:11 am | Reply
  17. sibbles:

    If you’ll allow me to share my recent experiences:

    I had both their 4Gb and 8Gb VPS’ since, I believe, Black Friday 2021. For some reason they installed both KVM instances on the same host node, but it didn’t really concern me, just as long as they worked. Actually, service was stable for the most part, until recently that is…

    Found out a few days ago to find that both of my VPS were very very slow all of a sudden. Performing an ls -la command on both VPS’, for instance, took about ~10-seconds to complete – and any command more complex than that, even longer. Rebooted countless number of times, and then eventually ended up raising a support ticket.

    Wait times are terrible for a high-priority response, and their actual responses not any better… I surmised a high IO/load issue, due both of my VPS were affected, but they kept insisting that they’ve increased my network speed that it should all be working; never anything more than that. Twice they apparently increased my network speed, and I kept going back saying that it hadn’t had any affect. I mean, why on earth would it? The most recent response is when I knew I couldn’t continue with this company – it was the most nonsensical reply saying that the hosts bandwidth is due to be reset on the first of every month which would fix the issue… 🤷‍♂️

    I know, right!

    Anyway, suffice it to say that my confidence in their support was forever lost, and I just couldn’t trust them to handle any critical data of mine. Cancelled my service as of this afternoon, and have already migrated to a new provider.

    Sorry if I sound like a killjoy – all I’m saying is be careful if you need to rely on their support.

    May 31, 2022 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

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