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How Reliable Are Offers on LowEndBox? A Two-Year Study

Recently on LowEndTalk, there was some chatter about offers on LowEndBox from providers who subsequently deadpool, leaving clients stranded.

It happens, but the statements on LET implied that it was frequent.  I was curious to see how often we post offers from hosts that deadpool (go out of business) soon after, so I looked back over the last two years.

There are 569 offers in the “LowEnd Virtual”, “LowEnd Dedicated”, and “Shared Hosting” categories since January 1, 2022.

Of these, I found the following hosts who’ve deadpooled:

  • DediPath (9 offers)
  • PacketVM (3 offers)
  • GigaTick (1 offer)
  • Rabbit Computing (1 offer)
  • CaliberVPS (1 offer)
  • HXServers (1 offer)
  • Coasthosting (1 offer)
  • Servzen (1 offer)
  • Kubbur (1 offer)
  • RackEdge (1 offer)
  • FiberVM (1 offer)
  • StellaVPS (1 offer)

That’s a total of 25 offers, or a “bad offer” rate of 4.4%. Without DediPath, the “bad offer” rate is 2.8%.

In other words, 95.6% of offers posted on LEB for the last 2 years (or 97.2% if you don’t count one provider) are from providers who didn’t deadpool.

Worth noting that for three of these (DediPath, Rabbit Computing, and GigaTick) we subsequently posted articles about their closure.

So is Shopping on LowEndBox Safe?

As with all things, caveat emptor.  We take steps to filter obvious scams and hosts that are perhaps a little too young.  We sometimes get offers where the provider lacks a web site (just WHMCS), started operations only a few weeks before, has a swiped TOS, or other red flags, and we filter those.

But we’re here to bring you new and fresh offers, and there will always be some aggressive hosts who get in over their skis.  Some big names have suddenly seized up – DediPath, NexusBytes – so that’s always a risk.  We do our best, but can’t guarantee anything.

However, 95% of the time, we get it right.


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