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How to Use a Midjourney API: Interview with GoAPI

GoAPIThere is still no official Midjourney API.  You can create API keys so apparently something is coming but as of today, the only way to use Midjourney is the cumbersome Discord interface.

This is very disappointing as there are tons of use cases where people want to plug Midjourney into their scripts and apps.  Since MJ is metered, you’d think creating an API would be a high priority since the more people use it, the more the owners make, but they continue to drag tail on this.

Enter GoAPI.  They offer a service which provides a Midjourney API.  We talked with Rey from their marketing team to get the lowdown on their company, what they offer, and how they compare to other Midjourney API options we’ve talked about in the past.

Q: As we all know, Midjourney doesn’t have an official API. GoAPI’s service provides an API wrapper around Midjourney, allowing users to interact with MJ through a client library – is that correct?

A: Yes, that is correct. We essentially call upon the Midjourney accounts to generate images for our users, calling on the users own account for our BYOA (Bring-Your-Own-Account) plan, or calling on our own pool of Midjourney accounts for our PPU (Pay-Per-Use) plan. See the illustration below for the two service modes – essentially the difference lies within the ownership of accounts.

Midjourney API Models

Q: How would you compare your service to a competitor, thenextleg.io?

A: Good question! Firstly, we started our service with Midjourney API PPU service while the rest (including TheNextLeg) all started with BYOA. As the first to offer PPU service in the market, we run the largest PPU operations by far, and this allowed us to do several things:

  1. We wrote the only and the most comprehensive article on “How to avoid getting banned from Midjourney” to help other users not get banned from Midjourney as this is the core issue with BYOA users, and the article is not only appreciated by our users, it has even made its way to other service providers’ channels including the TheNextLeg. We were able to come up with the detailed article on preventing account banning precisely because we have the most experience operating the largest Midjourney accounts pool for PPU service.
  2. The reason why our BYOA is the most superior on the market is because it is logical to deduce that providing PPU service helps us to ‘battle-test’ our code base, and implement the features to provide the best level of protection against banning. If a Midjourney API provider does not provide PPU or provides poor PPU service, then they are unable to provide the best level of protection against banning as part of their BYOA service, which is the primary concern of Midjourney API users.
  3. Our PPU and BYOA service has the best value in the market, currently one BYOA is at $10/month for the first BYOA seat, and $6/month for additional seats, which is the lowest out of any service provider out there.
  4. We also run the largest BYOA operation in the market, with some enterprise clients having over 50 accounts in their own pool! With our large operation, the enterprise clients have even asked us to provide specific features inside a dashboard (shown below) to monitor their many accounts and we are the only ones to do so as of now.


Also, many enterprise clients have asked us to operate their Midjourney accounts pool for them as these are quite technical and laborious operations (as the Banning Prevention article suggests). Since we don’t provide this service, we had to look for operation teams like these who can provide Midjourney Accounts Management Services! Again, we are the first to do this, and it is only because we provide services to the largest clients!

Q: Do you think Midjourney will eventually create a first party API?

A: Yes, we do expect Midjourney to release their own API someday, but since there are no news about that as of now, Midjourney users can rely on us, GoAPI, to work with Midjourney systematically.

Q: Tell us about your referral program

A: We have recently rolled out our referral program, along with our new Dashboard to allow our users to better manage their accounts and our API services. The referral program allows GoAPI users to refer their friends to our platform by sharing a unique referral link. Both the referrer and invitee get free credits, which can be used for all the API services we offer (including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, GPT3.5/4, Dalle3 and more)! Now there are a couple of ways to earn credits through our referral program:

  1. For every user who signs up for our service through the referral code, both the referrer and invitee will receive 300 credits each!
  2. When an invitee successfully makes their first credit top-up, the referrer receives 700 credits.
  3. When an invitee makes their first successful subscription payment to our BYOA plan or a new pricing plan (eg. Developer Plan), the referrer receives 1400 credits.
    (ps. You receive 100 free credits when you sign up for our Dashboard!)

Q: What’s next for GoAPI?

A: We currently already provide Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, GPT3.5, GPT4.0, GPT-Vision, DALLE3 APIs. And we are working to bring more APIs function to our developers such as such as ChatGPT Plus BYOA and txt2vid APIs.


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