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My Journey With ColoCrossing Just Started

ColoCrossing Raindog308 JourneyI just bought my first ColoCrossing dedicated server.

I’m sure some conspiratorial LowEndTalk members assume that all LowEndBox/LowEndTalk staff are contractually required to shop only with ColoCrossing but… that’s silly.  Yes, at one time several years ago, they did own LowEndBox/LowEndTalk, but the properties were acquired by Deluxe in June 2018, who later sold it in January 2020 to current owner @jbiloh.

Jon did found ColoCrossing in December 2006 but sold it Deluxe in June 2018 as part of a transaction that included LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. Deluxe recently sold all their hosting services to HostPapa, including ColoCrossing.

I’ve never used ColoCrossing, or any of their brands that I recall.  I’m not a huge dedicated server consumer.  Some years ago, I had the idea to start a free hosting service and experimented with a QuickPacket server.  But since then I’ve been content with VPSes from various providers, as well as my own home Proxmox.

But with ColoCrossing’s prices of late…how can I resist?

I was nearly tempted by their Black Friday offer ($19/month), but decided not to, and regretted it.  When they came back with another price-busting deal at $20/month, I could not resist.

As of the time I wrote this (8pm US-Pacific on December 29), this deal is still available!  Get an e3-1240 with 16GB of RAM, a 250GB SSD or 1TB HDD, and 20TB of bandwidth in Buffalo for only $20/month!  Click here.

I just ordered.

What Will I Use It For?

Web hosting: I have a variety of small web sites and some for family that I host on various VPSes.  I’ll consolidate them down to this server, which will be more than adequate.  I went with the 250GB SSD option and that should be enough space.

LowEnd Projects: There are various things that I’ve hacked together over the years for LET/LEB (stats, SERP watching, etc.) and they’ll run great on this system.

My Daughter’s Minecraft Server: At the moment, it runs on a VM on my home Proxmox.  This works great but also means that cousins can’t join.  I’ll leave that one and put another in Buffalo on this beast.  We’ll see how the ping goes.

VPN Server: I use one occasionally so that I can always appear from the same IP when I’m traveling.

I’m sure I’ll find other uses.  Once you have hardware, ideas tend to emerge…

A Minor Shock

During order, I went to the OS choice menu and…OMG, Debian 9?!?

ColoCrossing OS Choices

…then I saw Customer Install IPMI.  Hopefully ISO uploads are a thing.

Two Factor

Props to CC for having two-factor auth.  It’s really table stakes for hosting these days.  I enable it everywhere (and so should you).

ColoCrossing Google Auth

Once the server is provisioned, I’ll let you know how setup and performance is! Meanwhile, if you want to join the fun and order your own $20/month E3 based dedicated server from ColoCrossing click here.

Future updates to follow.



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